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Anti Gravity Boots - Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Abdominal Crunch Sit Up Bar Hooks Therapy Core Gym Fitness Exerciser 2CM High Intensity Band,Black

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About This Item :

Therapy using abdominal crunches, sit-ups, and bar hooks in Anti Gravity Boots. In addition, 2CM High-Intensity Band for Core Gym Fitness Exercise, Black.

Our  boots don't make the ankle uncomfortable like other anti-gravity boots because of the 3CM foam padding's. It also has outstanding level of comfort.

Revolutionary Design :

The new design includes a powerful safety lock to ensure that the feet and ankles won't slip over the inversion boots, and it can be fastened to most sizes of pull-up bars. It can be perfectly fixed on ankles and feet of any size.

Heavy Duty Anti Gravity Boots :

The anti-gravity boots contain a heavy-duty metal band with a strong double lock and a heavy-duty metal hook. that can support and  also hold a significant amount of weight on pull-up bars of most sizes, ensuring the user's feet and ankles are safe and secure.

Let's Relax :

Now, one can enjoy hanging by the ankles and letting gravity stretch and relax the entire body. By hanging in this way, your body weight will pull your spine into traction, relieving pressure on the joints and discs.

Suitable Position :

  • Appropriate for those with a foundation in upside-down training. 
  • Exercise can encourage bone growth and thickening, increasing bone density and weight.
  • The Anti Gravity Boots contain a heavy-duty metal band with a strong double lock
  • And also a heavy-duty metal hook that can support and hold a lot of weight.
  • It also holds on any size pull-up bar, ensuring the user's feet and ankles are safe and secure.

Anti-Gravity Boots Helps With Back Pains :

It permits users to stretch their back muscles using body weight, which may help prevent back discomfort. The inversion boots are available and fit for exactly around any size ankle and foot with a highly secure lock to prevent slipping, and they can attach to any size pull-up bar.

Customer Reviews

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The only issue with these comfy and secure boots is that, despite your best efforts, the very sharp hooks will still leave marks on any bar you hook your feet onto. Even though I've taped them off perfectly now, they may have been part of the design.

Elevate Your Fitness Routine with Anti Gravity Boots!

If you're looking to take your workouts to new heights, these anti gravity boots are a game-changer. The feeling of weightlessness as you leap and soar is exhilarating. Not only do they provide a unique and effective way to exercise, but they also strengthen your legs and core muscles. Get ready to elevate your fitness routine like never before! 🏋️‍♀️🚀

Unleash Your Inner Superhero with Anti Gravity Boots!

Ready to feel like a superhero? These anti gravity boots are the real deal. They give me the ability to defy gravity and perform stunning acrobatic moves. Whether I'm practicing flips or simply bouncing around, these boots make me feel invincible. 🦸‍♂️✨

Step Up Your Fitness Game with Anti Gravity Boots!

I've never had so much fun exercising until I tried these anti gravity boots. They provide an incredible bounce and make my workouts feel like a thrilling adventure. Plus, they're super durable and well-built! Highly recommend! 👟🔥

Defying Gravity with These Amazing Anti Gravity Boots!

These anti gravity boots have completely transformed my workout routine. With their comfortable design and adjustable straps, I can jump higher and reach new heights during my cardio sessions. 🚀💪