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Anti-Slip Bath Mat - Extra Large Non-slip Bath Mat Bathtub Bathroom Shower Mat Rubber Strong Suction
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non slip bath mat
Anti-Slip Bath Mat - Extra Large Non-slip Bath Mat Bathtub Bathroom Shower Mat Rubber Strong Suction

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Anti-Slip Bath Mat - Extra Large Non-slip Bath Mat Bathtub Bathroom Shower Mat Rubber Strong Suction

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About Anti-slip Bath Mat

To improve safety and reduce the risk of slips and falls, an Anti-Slip Bath Mat for your bathtub or bathroom shower is a terrific addition. Strong suction cups and rubber construction provide these anti-slip bath mats stability and keep them from shifting while being used.

Key Features Of Anti-Slip Bath Mat

Extra Large Bathtub Mats:

Excellent vinyl quality, no chemical odor. Its rectangular shape, conventional measurements, and heavy-duty construction allow it to lay flat on any smooth bathtub floor. 


Anti-Slip Bath Mat with Hundreds of Suction Cups: 

Anti-slip bath mats that don't slip: YINENN's non-slip bath mats have 200 suction cups to help them stay in place on flat surfaces. A fantastic option for the house, gym, spa, and more is the bathtub mat.

Multifunctional and Utility: 

With its pebble-like form and 200 suction cups, it offers a massage feeling during showering and has essential anti-slip properties. In addition, the extra-large, 40-by-16-inch mat offers good coverage and tiny holes that let water flow through.

Machine Washable and Durable:

The 176 drain holes on this machine-washable bath mat allow for hassle-free maintenance. Just throw the mat in the washing machine whenever you want to clean it, and enjoy its brand-new appearance. Air dry for hassle-free, healthful, and safe use for many years.

Rubber Material: 

Rubber is a common material used for this anti-slip bath mat due to its water-resistant and durable properties. It is easy to clean and maintain, making it suitable for regular use in the bathroom.

Strong Suction Cups: 

The bottom of the mat is equipped with numerous suction cups that adhere firmly to the surface of your bathtub or shower floor. These suction cups create a strong grip, preventing the mat from sliding or shifting during use.


 The primary purpose of an extra-large non-slip bath mat is to enhance safety in the bathroom. They reduce the risk of accidents caused by slipping on wet surfaces, providing stability and peace of mind while bathing or showering.

Special Features -

  • Comfortable and Safe
  • Multifunctional and Utility
  • Machine Washable and Durable
  • Drain Holes
  • Pebble Design
  • Powerful Suction Cups

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jetsetter's Savior

Hotel bathrooms globally left me tentative before. Now a rolled mat accompanies toiletries for assured footing wherever lodging takes me!

Poolside Perfection

Perfect waterlogged companion for any property with relaxation areas nearby wet zones.

Stylish Safety Net

Having such an elegant anti skid solution frees me to fully flaunt fun tile designs without visibility ruining corners. Peace of mind with a vibrant decorative edge, love.

Mother's Helper

Babies learning to cruise near water terrified me previously. Now just a light dab of this textured mat by the tub allows piece of mind during play time with full grip assurance!

Traction Transcendent

As an avid yogi, stabilizing tricky transitions near the tub intimidated me. Not anymore - this grippy wonder lets me focus fully on the flow versus slipping! Bonus durability too...