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Automatic Soap Dispenser - Usb Wall-mounted Touchless Liquid Foam Machine Infrared Automatic Soap Dispenser

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About This Item:

Automatic Soap Dispenser is a USB wall-mounted touchless liquid foam machine with an infrared automatic soap dispenser is a modern and convenient device for dispensing liquid foam soap. You can use it at your convenience. Very useful for your home. 


  • 3 speed adjustable for foaming
  • Multifunction display
  • suitable for multiple liquids
  • Oval filling hole with a large opening
  • 45-degree inclination
  • Waterproof
automatic soap dispenser

Key Features Automatic Soap Dispenser :

Touchless Operation: The Automatic Soap Dispenser is there to operate without the need for physical contact.

Liquid Foam Dispensing: Unlike traditional liquid soap dispensers, this device is specific to dispense liquid foam soap.

Wall-Mounted Design: The soap dispenser is intended to be mounted on the wall, providing a space-saving solution for your bathroom or kitchen. 

USB-Powered: The soap dispenser has a USB connection, which allows for easy and convenient charging.

Foam Quality and Efficiency: The foam machine technology ensures the dispense of liquid soap in the form of rich and thick foam.

This soap dispenser is useful for your home. This item has stylish design and highly effective for uses. It is easy and convenient as well as fulfills your need.

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