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About Backpack With Water Bladder

2 Liter PVC and BPA-free Bladder

Produced from food-grade and FDA-certified materials. The main pocket is leak-proof and easily removable. The oversized 2-inch-wide screw cap accommodates ice for an even colder drink and makes maintenance simple. This one is equipped with kink-free tubing and a gentle high-flow bite valve with a simple one-handed stop lever.

Fest Choice

Bright colors, unique styles, and a backpack with water bladder made exclusively for individuals who want to stand out at their next rock festival, rave, or anywhere else where style is as essential as functioning.

Great Size

This is a water backpack for men, women, teenagers, and youth. The athletic, low-profile cut is entirely flexible and easily suits all sizes. Comfort-stitched bands with a variety of notched foam brace that rests on your upper body and a ventilated, lightweight netting covering mean you can wear this pack for hours and not notice it.

Backpack With Water Bladder

Designing and Structuring

The back panel has cushioning and a breathable net with a rapid drain leak hole. Additional cushioning for maximum comfort. Stay-put thumb adjustment loops for shoulder straps keep your settings in place.

Outdoor Hydration Bag

This hydration pack has been designed for road cycling, running, and hiking. Its lightweight construction and tiny dimensions make your back portable and stable, and it does not cause much resistance to wind. It is an excellent choice for men, women, and children who enjoy exercising, biking, trekking, climbing, skiing, hunting, music festivals, carnivals, and paddling.

Features - 

Zipper that glides

The zipper is constructed of non-rusting material, allowing the water bag backpack to shift easily and smoothly, making it easier to use when riding.

Bladder-pocket Insulation

A separate bladder pocket separates hydration from storage.

Straps that Breathe
The straps are precisely made to breathe and wick perspiration while being light and sturdy.

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Customer Reviews

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The bladder itself was in tact and didn't smell overly plasticy. It was large enough to carry my laptop, which I didn't expect. The backpack was excellent—comfortable, adjustable, and waterproof.