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Bamboo Golf Tees - Green Swing Bamboo Golf Tees 70mm | Strong Sustainable Biodegradable | 30pcs

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Golf is changing, which is the theme of our project, Bamboo Golf Tees. Why Bamboo? Basically, bamboo is a fantastic substitute material since it grows quickly. It also absorbs more CO2, which gives us more motivation to nurture it. Bamboo Golf Tees has made with this eco-friendly material.

About This Bamboo Golf Tees: 

  • Firstly, our bamboo golf tees are sturdy, sustainable, and biodegradable since they are made from bamboo rather than plastic or hardwood.
  • Besides, we can change how you feel about the surroundings, but we can't fix an inadvertent hook shot. 
  • Bamboo is a fantastic alternative material since it grows quickly. Additionally, it absorbs more CO2, which provides us with a stronger incentive to plant it.
  •  No golf ball is provided. 
  • No color? No problem. They eliminated extra printing color wastage, giving our t-shirts a natural touch. 
  • You won't forget what size you're using, so don't worry. 100% bamboo; 
  • No plastic; long-lasting; sourced sustainably

Bamboo Golf Tees

Bamboo Golf Tees has put forth a tremendous amount of effort to promote golf's future by introducing a variety of tees to the market.

It was essential for us to be able to produce a wide range during the development process. With our distinctive design, we have made significant investments in a variety of sizes. It has both conventional and castle golf tees. Making the change from your fortunate or reliable t-shirts is simpler.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Despite being so long, they endure well. I can tee the ball high enough for my Taylor with the increased height. I discovered that other tees occasionally tipped over from not sinking far enough into the ground, but this 3+ inch tee does the trick. The price point is reasonable.

Good tees

Best value I found on tees

Giles Shepherd
A Great Addition to My Golf Game

I recently switched to using bamboo golf tees and I am so happy with my purchase. The green swing bamboo golf tees are the perfect height for my driver and I love that they are sustainable and biodegradable.

Spencer Sutton
easy to use

These bamboo golf tees are awesome! They're very easy to use and provide great height for my tee shots. They're also very sturdy and have held up well after multiple rounds.

Tyler Morley
I'm very impressed with their durability

I've been using these bamboo golf tees for a while now and I'm very impressed with their durability. They don't break as easily as plastic tees and they're also less likely to fly off the tee when you hit your shot.