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Barber Clippers Set - Professional Mens Hair Clippers Self Cut Cordless Electric Hair Trimmer

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About Barber Clippers Set

Professional men's barber clippers set also known as cordless electric hair trimmers, are designed for cutting and trimming hair. They are commonly used by barbers, hairstylists, and individuals who prefer to cut or maintain their hair at home. 

Key Features Of Barber Clippers Set

Curved Blade Clipper:

With its ergonomic design and stainless steel blade, this curved-shaped clipper makes it simple to cut through hair.

Hair Clippers Set

Easy to Maintain Barber Clippers Set:

Easy to clean behind the tap, with a replaceable blade region. To release the blade and clean it, push it forward. Store to dry in a cool location. 

Rechargeable & Portable: 

2.5 hours for a USB charge. When charging, the blue light flashes; once fully charged, the LED remains solid. However, we don't include an adapter (a 5.0V=1.0A converter will work fine). It could require forty minutes or more. 

Waterproof & Easy to Clean: 

With a 100% washable blade area, the clippers set easily rinses clean under the tap. To release the blade and clean it, push it forward. To dry, store in a cool location. 

Portable & Stylish Set:

The little body fits neatly into a storage bag. It helps men and kids trim stylish hair at home or on the go. 

Features -

  • Cordless and Electric

  • Precision and Control

  • Cutting Guides/Attachments

  • Ease of Use

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