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About Best Budget Boxing Gloves:

Best budget boxing gloves present professional MMA and Boxing Gear ranges in the market. Therefore, all of our products range is of high quality and long-lasting durability.

Features of this item:

Dispersion Of Positive Effects:

Are you not getting exact gloves for workout?  Presenting the Quadro Dome 3 cushioning, which uses EVA foam and SpongeX sheet, the REX gloves disperse the force of impact over the carefully built, pre-curved anatomical structure of the sparring gloves. So, users of heavy boxing gloves will have a more comfortable training experience.

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Patented Loma Tech Design:

Do you struggle to form the ideal fit when wearing boxing gloves? Then, the REX boxing gloves include a patent-pending single seamless Loma Tech design in the palm and thumb areas. Therefore, this improves alignment between the fist and thumb and, when combined with a uniquely designed attached thumb, enables trainees to form the perfect fist and punch more effectively with the training gloves.

Highly Robust Materials:

No matter how hard you punch, these gloves will survive your rigorous training.  In addition,this series of training gloves is made of advanced-caliber Maya Hide ConvEX Skin Leather. It also makes them robust and trustworthy for long-term use while also delivering a superior look and feel during Boxing. Therefore, Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing, and heavy bag training sessions, among other comparable sports.

Discover Sweat-free:

Say goodbye to sweaty palms and hands. REX provides optimal airflow management by deliberately placing many ventilation holes in the thumb regions of the lightweight boxing gloves, ensuring a sweat-free experience for its consumers. Furthermore, the innovative perforated sheet for breathable airflow in the palm area is perspiration-wicking and helps to keep sweat at bay.

Punches With Force Alignment:

The grip bar in the upper palm section of the heavy punching bag gloves for women and men allows users to achieve the correct posture for strong punches during training and competitions.

Key Features:

  • Premium DX Rexion leather. 
  • Padding made of thick EVA latex and foam.
  • A soft inner lining.
  • Long-term durability.
  • Hook and loop fastener.
  • Air vents on the palm.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
excellent and identical to the pictures

Although I haven't had much opportunity to use the boxing gloves yet, I can already attest to their comfort, attractive appearance, and substantial 16-ounce weight. I suggest this product to boxers who are in need of a reliable set of gloves.


Great product, just as described. Good for sparring, bag work etc. Can’t beat the price aswell, best out there