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Best Climbing Harness UK - Children's Harness Full Body Sports Climbing Safety

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About Best Climbing Harness UK:

For young climbers, the best climbing harness UK is a great option because it meets their comfort and safety in mind. Made by the reputable climbing equipment manufacturer Petzl, this harness satisfies strict safety requirements and offers ambitious climbers a fun experience.

Climbing Harness Set

Features of Best Climbing Harness UK

  • Because the Ouistiti harness is especially for little climbers, it fits them comfortably and securely.
  • With its safe buckling mechanism and adjustable leg loops, this harness fits a variety of sizes and allows your child to grow as they climb.
  • Constructed from premium materials, the harness is lightweight and breathable but strong enough to endure the demands of climbing.
  • Safety is Petzl's top priority, and the Ouistiti harness demonstrates this dedication with sturdy tie-in points and dependable buckles for a safe and secure climbing experience.
  • The harness's color-coded indications and user-friendly design aid to ensure correct and secure donning.
  • The Ouistiti harness can withstand a variety of climbing settings, whether it's outdoor climbing experiences or indoor climbing at a gym.

Specialty of Best Climbing Harness UK

  • The harness may be properly donned by shaking it from the orange dorsal point.
  •  The semi-rigid structure has a blue exterior and grey foam inner, which makes it easy to accomplish.
  • The double-back buckles on the shoulder straps are for primary adjustment. 
  • The double-back buckles on the back of the harness are for secondary adjustment, whether for little or large children.

Comfortable to Wear on the Ground or When Suspended:

  • Shoulder straps, waist belt, and leg loops with quilted closed-cell foam structure
  • Does not require connections to stay secure, so the youngster can continue playing while wearing the harness without any difficulties. 
  • The front tie-in point is lowered and reinforced for increased comfort during climbing, especially on descents.


  • One size fits up to 30 kg; 
  • DoubleBack buckles are out of the child's reach;
  • The front tie-in point is colored green for climbing; suitable for youth groups, adventure parks, and climbing
  • The dorsal attachment point is orange-colored in other special circumstances.

For young climbers, the best climbing harness UK is an excellent option since it combines durability, comfort, and safety. This expertly designed harness embodies Petzl's reputation for quality and innovation, giving parents and young explorers alike peace of mind.

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Customer Reviews

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Worth the money!

incredibly versatile and excellent quality! In the unlikely event that my 4-year-old slips, we use it as a harness to fasten her to me on steep hiking paths. The thicker straps and superior padding on this one over the less expensive alternatives led us to choose it.