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About Best Grip for Putter

This is a brand-new best grip for putter. The material is a blend of high-quality cotton thread and eco-friendly rubber.  Therefore, the lowest section is constructed of high-grade natural environmental protection rubber material.  Also, the grip portion is made of cotton thread material, which has good anti-slip properties. Regular dual-touch grip for all seasons.

Features of This item:

Slim Profile:

The best grip for putter has a narrower profile compared to traditional putter grips. This slimmer design helps golfers maintain a lighter grip pressure and encourages a more consistent and controlled putting stroke.

Best Grip for Putter

Tapered Design: Best Grip for Putter

The grips feature a tapered shape, meaning they are slightly thicker towards the putter head and taper down towards the grip end. This design promotes even hand pressure and helps golfers maintain a consistent grip throughout their stroke.

Non-tapered Butt End:

The SuperStroke Slim grips have a non-tapered butt end, which means the grip thickness remains consistent from top to bottom. This can help golfers achieve a more stable and repeatable grip, reducing hand and wrist tension during the putting motion.

Counter Core Technology:

Some models of the Super Stroke Slim grips offer the option of CounterCore Technology. In addition, this technology allows golfers to add weight to the butt end of the grip, altering the balance point and potentially enhancing stroke stability and control.

Enhanced Feedback and Feel:

This Slim grips are designed with a soft, tacky rubber compound that provides excellent feedback and feel.  Therefore, this allows golfers to have a better sense of the putter head throughout the stroke, aiding in distance control and accuracy.


Best Grip for Putter is available in various colors and styles, allowing golfers to choose a grip that suits their preferences and aesthetics. Additionally, it also offers different sizes to accommodate different hand sizes and grip preferences.

Distinctive Features:

  • Comtemporary Design
  • Strong & Study
  • Premium Material
  • Reusable
  • Travel Friendly

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Customer Reviews

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Comfortable grip

I had never tried a larger grip before. It was simple to install and, in my opinion, improved.