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Bird Feeders on Trees - 3-in-1 Seed Nut Fat Ball Garden Feeding Station Hanging Wild Bird Feeder

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About Bird Feeders on Trees

A Bird Feeders on Trees, nut, and Fat Ball Feeding is a versatile and convenient option for attracting various bird species to your garden. This type of feeder typically consists of multiple compartments or attachments to accommodate different types of bird food.

Features of Bird Feeders on Trees

Feed 3 Ways: 

There are three ways to feed birds with tasty gifts! The dense metal mesh feeder is for nuts or bird seeds; the tube feeder dispenses seeds. For fat balls, the coarse mesh feeder is ideal!

bird feeders cheap

Durable Hanging Bird Feeders on Trees:

Invest in sturdy stainless steel bird feeders made of metal. They are strong enough to hang and sustain the entire weight of the food, and they have a lower chance of rusting.

User-friendly Feeding Station: 

To effortlessly fill each bird feeders on trees, remove the top lid. Then, just wait for the birds to arrive by hanging them from a tree branch or anyplace else in your backyard!

Saving Money and Efforts:

Strong, robust bird feeders with an all-metal structure; the metal mesh resists bending. When assembled and disassembled, the peanut feeder's mesh does not twist or warp because it is of a decent thickness. Animals or birds cannot yet eat through! They are quite robust and have withstood the severe wind.

Easy To Clean:

Simply detach the top and bottom to thoroughly clean them. We have a lot of clients who appreciate how simple it is to clean because the base and top both unscrew! a thorough cleaning each month to prevent the growth of mold and other illnesses. The birds will be safe if you keep it tidy.

Easy To Refill:

It is simpler to refill because the top flips open. Simply unscrew the top or bottom of the feeder and fill it; there's no need to take it down completely. Reduce the time needed for routine filling and store the seeds in the interim.

Suitable for Most Seeds:

a peanut feeder and a mixed seed feeder were included. Ideal for the majority of seeds, including mealworms, peanuts, corn kernels, and sunflower seeds. Draw in woodpeckers, sparrows, goldfinches, and red finches. Invest in some intrigue and life for your garden.

Special Features -

  •  Strong construction.
  •  Three distinct sections for Nuts, Fat Balls, and Seeds.
  •  Removable lid, easy to re-fill.
  •  Already assembled.
  •  Steel hanging loop covered in plastic; simply choose a spot and secure.
  •  Drainage holes in the base.
  •  An attractive addition to any garden.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
reliable material

The feeder is made with great quality material also little heavy in weight. The feeder is great at holding the quantity of food and also it has provided with side metal rods for the ease of birds to rely on and consume the food. The feeder has small holes in it which helps to clean on it's own.



Richard Geary

Great feeder. Looks great on hook. Easy to open to fill. Birds love it already.