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Blood Pressure Monitors for Wrist - LCD Digital Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Machine Tester BP Cuff

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About Blood Pressure Monitors for Wrist 

The Blood Pressure Monitors for Wrist is an automatic machine tester designed to measure your blood pressure conveniently at your wrist. Remain Well & Take Regular blood pressure and heart rate monitoring is essential for elderly patients with hypertension, arrhythmia, or other associated conditions.

Key Features Of Blood Pressure Monitors for Wrist

Reliable & Accurate:

CE-certified BIHS (British & Irish Hypertension Society) approved, and USA Medical Department approved. You can get more precise information from this wrist BP monitor by using the average of the last three readings. However, Its dependability and consistency may be verified using modern technology.

best blood pressure monitors

Easy to Read & Use Blood Pressure Monitors for Wrist:

The findings are simpler to read on the wrist BP monitor with its large LCD and bold font. With only one button to press, you may take a fully automatic blood pressure reading in 45 seconds.

Dual-user Mode:

Two users can store 90 sets of data with date and time stamps on this digital blood pressure monitor.  Moreover, Track your fitness and analyze patterns over time. It's the ideal present for your parents.

Adjustable Wrist Cuff: 

The size range for our SCIAN wrist cuff is 12.5-20.5cm (4.9-8.1 inch). You can make greater use of the machine by following the instructions on the cuff. In addition, The updated irregular heartbeat detector promptly displays a warning signal on the screen if it identifies abnormal heartbeats during the testing process. Automatic shut-off following a minute without operation, with low battery and error messages displayed.

Unique Wrist Pillow Design/Storage Case: 

The blood pressure monitors for wrist cuffs have a special wrist pillow design that not only protects the device and supports your hand while measuring but is also portable and easy to carry anywhere. Place the entire wrist set of blood pressure cuffs into a box.

Special Features -

  • Measurement Method
  • LCD Display
  • Automatic Operation
  • Memory and Averaging
  • Portability

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
susan slade
Wrist blood pressure measure

So much more comfortable and easy to use than BP machines that need wrapping round upper arm

Accurate reading

I've been looking for a blood pressure monitor for my personal use. This product is easy to use, compact and portable. I've pleased by how well it works. I would recommend it to anyone looking for this type of product. Very fast shipping, I got mine in a matter of time. Accurate reading, easy to use.

steve smith
Great Basic BP Monitor

Overall this is a good device to use, the large screen makes it easy to read and interpret. It fits comfortable on the wrist and the strap is velcro and easy to apply and take off. The only complaint I have is that it takes a couple of times for the device to take a correct reading. Overall it fulfills its job and works well, and I am pleased with the device.

Kathryn cooper
Neat and easy to use

Convenient easy way to check blood pressure and heart rate.