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Boxing Hand Wraps UK - 450cm Muay Thai Kickboxing Bandages 4.5m MMA Handwraps

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About Boxing Hand Wraps UK

Use the Boxing Hand Wraps UK to enter the ring with assurance and protection. We have designed these hand wraps to protect your hands and wrists during training and competition, offering exceptional support and comfort for fighters of all skill levels. Adidas' legendary quality is evident in their precise and long-lasting construction, ensuring they stand up to every punch you throw.

Boxing Hand Wraps UK

Features of Boxing Hand Wraps UK

  • Comfortable, breathable material
  • Thumb loop to ensure a tight fit
  • Velcro fastener for simple on/off
  • obtainable in a range of sizes to accommodate all hand sizes

Benefits of Boxing Hand Wraps UK

  • The Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps' smooth, breathable fabric keeps your hands comfortable and cool, even during strenuous exercise.
  • The thumb loop ensures a tight fit, which helps keep the wraps from slipping while exercising.
  • The wraps are simple to put on and take off thanks to the velcro clasp.
  • All hand sizes can be accommodated by the various sizes of Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps.

Train like a champion by donning the Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps. These hand wraps offer the ideal combination of protection, comfort, and toughness, ensuring that they prepare your hands to deliver forceful punches and strikes while keeping them safe from injuries. Enhance your workout experience with Adidas' reliable quality.


For boxing, kickboxing, and other combat sports, the Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps are ideal. You can also utilize them to train for overall fitness.

Method of Using:

  1. Start by securing the Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps around your wrist.
  2. The wraps should be continued up your hand and over your knuckles.
  3. The covers should be snug but not too tight.
  4. Utilize the velcro closure to fasten the coverings.


To maintain your Adidas Boxing Hand Wraps, simply hand wash them with mild soap and water. You may also want to air dry them to prevent them from shrinking.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great fit, works well

I've had a chance to test these out at last, and they work wonderfully. Extremely easy to put on, adaptable to fit as needed, and comfortable to use. Fantastic discovery!

Great fit, works well

Finally had the chance to try these out, and they works great. Very comfortable to use, easy to put on, and adjustable to fit as needed. Great find!