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Bump Support Knickers - Women Maternity High Waist Underwear Pregnancy Seamless Belly Support Panties UK

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About Bump Support Knickers

Pregnancy seamless bump support knickers, often known as maternity high-waist underwear, are specific undergarments made to support and comfort expectant mothers. These underwear are made to fit a developing tummy and provide the abdominal region with mild compression and support.

Key Features Of Bump Support Knickers

Non-see Through Fabric:

You can move freely thanks to the buttery-soft, flawlessly stretched microfiber fabric, while moisture-wicking materials keep you cool and comfortable.

Bump Support Knickers

Healthy Benefits: Bump Support Knickers

Your heart receives assistance from these graded compression maternity short leggings as it pumps blood and oxygen throughout your body. Throughout your pregnancy, wear our short leggings to relieve fatigued or swollen legs and lower your risk of varicose veins, phlebitis, and thrombosis.

Build-in Full Support Panel:

These complete bump support knickers offer mild back support as your belly expands and fits comfortably throughout pregnancy without slipping or poking in at the belly. For pregnant support, a special stretchy band can be pulled over or folded under.

Elastic Waistband Bump Support Knickers:

A flexible waistband that stretches to suit your belly precisely and can be adjusted to accommodate a developing bump. Offers gentle support and a calming, cozy fit for the duration of pregnancy and the postpartum phase.

Back Support:

By relieving strain from your back and enhancing posture, these compression pregnancy bump support knickers assist in fighting back pain and round ligament pain.

Prevent Chafing:

These maternity shorts tighten the extra fat on your thighs during pregnancy by offering strong control. The short length helps keep it from rubbing against your skin.

All Occasions Bump Support Knickers:

Our bump support knickers are ideal for any kind of training, including yoga, pilates, fitness, running, dancing, leaping, and riding. They're also great for casual everyday wear.

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Customer Reviews

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Dario Orozco

These are a great choice for maternity underwear. They keep your belly warm and are quite comfy.