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Cheap Weight Plates - 2" Dumbbell Olympic Barbell Weights Plates Set

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About Cheap Weight Plates

Two Sets of 2.5/5/10/15/20/25kg Weight Plates for an Olympic Barbell in Rubber:

exer The coating provides an additional layer of defense to help stop the rusting of the weight plates. These weights have three grip holes, making them simple to load and unload. Our plates are excellent for functional training and conventional barbell workouts, but the tri-grip design also makes them simple to utilize for a wide variety of other exercises. Add weight to all of your exercises, including overhead triceps work, low back extensions, and sit-ups. Even our plates look fantastic! The weight marks and engraved logo have a fashionable red inlay, and the tough rubber covering will not show dirt.

High-level Strength:

Every plate is made of sturdy iron with a robust, premium, low-bounce rubber cover enclosing the parameter. Damage to the flooring, injury to oneself, and equipment damage are all reduced as a result.

Cheap Weight Plates


Weight plates are adaptable and can be utilized for flexibility and balance improvement, as well as muscular development and endurance training. Exercises for warming up can also be performed with a single-weight plate.

Adaptive Design:

They are safe and comfortable to carry thanks to three large, ergonomic grooves with distinctive shapes, which also have a variety of uses. A thick coating of tough rubber is applied on precisely cast iron, providing comfort during use, protection from damage to the plates and floor, and noise reduction from dropping objects.

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Customer Reviews

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A very nice plate holder for your cage.

These were purchased for me to wear while recuperating from surgery. I was astonished at how soft and comfortable these are. This purchase has made me happy.