Steel Barbell Spring Clip Collars Dumbbell Lock
Spring Clip Collars Dumbbell Lock
Steel Barbell Spring Clip
Collars Dumbbell Lock
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Steel Barbell Spring Clip Set

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Weight Bar Clips - Steel Barbell Spring Clip Collars Dumbbell Lock

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Our barbell clamp spring collar Weight Bar Clips is strong enough for heavy-duty use. The sturdy abs plastic clip can hold the barbell firmly and will not fall off. This pair of quick-release buckles is a good helper for barbell clamps, and it is very practical. The barbell clamp spring collars can help you lock your dumbbell easily for training.

Meanwhile, the barbell clamp spring collar is made of high-quality stainless steel. The barbell clamps are firmly fixed on any bar or table. What’s more, the barbell clamp spring collar is often used in conjunction with other fitness equipment.

About This Item :

Heavy Duty Premium Quality Olympic 50mm Dumbbell Lock Clips. Barbell Collars in 30mm, 28mm, and 25mm. All of our barbell/dumbbell collars are made of high-quality steel to provide maximum durability and dependability. Crossfit, weightlifting, and power training

Enthusiasts will love this. Our bar clamp collars can sustain a lot of weight and movement without changing. which is vital because many complex exercises need quick and strong motions, therefore the clamps on your bar need to be very secure and trustworthy.

Securely clamping weights to Olympic bars, dumbbells and barbells, with a strong grip and quick release to change weights.

All Clips have rubber end caps for convenience of use. Choose from 50mm, 30mm, 28, mm, or 25mm.

Weight Bar Clips

Adjustable Size and Smart Design

These exercise spring collar clips Dumbbell Lock are solely meant for 28 mm/1.1 inch collars. Dumbbell Lock a use for everyday workouts, exercise, strength training, weightlifting, and other activities, making them excellent barbell gym equipment accessories for you.

High Quality and Safe Materials Weight Bar Clips

This barbell has high-quality steel. A rubber grip, making them solid and firm to use, resistant to deformation and fraying, and strong enough to support your barbell for a long time.

Keep you safe: these dumbbell lock clips provide a powerful grip to retain the bumpers in place, firmly and sturdily holding your weight bars, keeping you secure and safe throughout training and workout.

Install Quickly Weight Bar Clips

When installed on a barbell, these steel barbell spring clips may swiftly vary the weight of the plate and enhance the friction with the barbell, increasing your balance, coordination, and flexibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dan Brown
it works

These were a great addition to my home gym and not too expensive.

good grip

Overall happy with these, works as intended and like the coating on the handles.


Just what I needed to keep the weights safely on.

Secure and Easy to Use

The spring clip collars for steel barbells are reliable and simple to use. The collars give the barbell or dumbbell a firm and stable hold, avoiding slipping or sliding while performing workouts.

Matthew Philip
Great product!

If you're looking for a reliable and durable barbell collar, these steel spring clip collars are a great choice. The easy-to-use design makes them perfect for anyone, and the steel construction ensures that they'll last for a long time. Highly recommend it for any weightlifter or fitness enthusiast.