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Cheapest Kettlebells UK - Kettlebell Weights Set Home Gym Kettlebells Strength Training 10lb 15lb 20lb

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Cheapest Kettlebells UK

1. Gym kettlebell sets UK made of high-quality steel.

2. Online classes are available for a period of 30 days. Each kettlebell set comes with a 30-day membership to Studio Sweat on Demand. You will have unrestricted access to hundreds of fantastic classes taught by world-class experts. Kettlebell, weight reduction, sculpt, yoga, HIIT, abs and core, and other classes are available.

3. Smooth, ergonomic handle. Brushed steel finish for convenience. A large grip area guarantees a pleasant and safe grasp for one or two hands. Handweights from kettlebells.

4. Home Gym Kettlebell Weights: Strength Training with Kettlebells 10lb (4.8kg) + 15lb (6.8kg) + 20lb (9.1kg)

5. There has been nothing except a good response. Put your order in with confidence.

6. Our customer service team in the northwest of England will ship and support your item.

7. Strong steel exterior construction. Brushed steel handle that is smooth and ergonomic. Weight and color-coded for convenience. Flat base for safe and convenient storage. Kettlebell weight sets are ideal for strength training.

8. Weights that are ideal for both men and women.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Upgraded the home gym cheaply

With limited funds right now, I needed a budget way to add strength routines to my workout. These bargain kettlebells delivered as hoped for the price of almost nothing!

Killed it in my first competition

I entered a local kettlebell challenge mostly just to test myself. Using only these entry level weights in my arsenal, I topped the leaderboard! Proper form is everything.

Surprised me with my progress

After only a month following basic swing and goblet programs, even I was shocked at the definition coming through. These basic pounds have packed some serious punch thanks to varied movements engaging every muscle.

Perfect for novices like me

Never lifting weights before, I needed beginner friendly but effective gear. These budget kettlebells have been ideal - light enough to learn techniques safely but they've definitely challenged my strength week by week.

Great value home gym essentials

These basic kettlebells did the trick perfectly though, allowing me to start strength training without breaking the bank. The powder coating has held up well too after consistent use.