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Childs Golf Set - Kids Golf Club Set with 15 Golf Balls Clubs Equipment Indoor Outdoor Sports Toy

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About Childs Golf Set

Playing golf can benefit kids' physical and mental growth since it strengthens the upper arm. Which enhances hand-eye coordination and overall body balance. Additionally, it might boost their confidence and aid with concentration and focus. Beginners and young children will enjoy learning the fundamentals of golf with this series of childs golf set.

Additionally, it's a great toy because it will help them continue to get better at golf. Whether they play alone or with others. It may be utilized in both indoor and outdoor yards and is easy to assemble.

Key Features Of Childs Golf Set

A Mini Golf Set:

This set is recommended for kids who enjoy engaging in energetic play. The toy has every feature a novice golfer might want. The kit comes with a tower that has a feeder and a spot to store the leftover balls after the ball is broken. The package includes fifteen golf balls and a hitting stick with three different types of tips.

Kid's Golf Set

The tower has a slot machine, which adds to the enjoyment of the game. The feeder is lowered when the red pedal is depressed, and the ball rolls and stops on a rubber platform. Where it can be struck in the direction of the hole.

Indoor-outdoor Childs Golf Set:

Children may simply carry a high-quality childs golf set to a friend's golf sports invitation because it is lightweight and portable. It can be utilized both indoors and outside, in living rooms, preschools, kindergartens, backyards, gardens, lawns, and patios, among other places.

Easy Installation and Convenient Play:

To assemble the golf training toy, just refer to the directions provided in the packing, and then get ready to play. The kids just need to press the foot pedal on the golf ball feeder to have the ball come to the tee where they can put it.

In addition, 15 golf balls are included, saving you the trouble of gathering them once every kid has had a turn playing. In the meantime, the golf club's changeable length makes it ideal for kids of different heights. 

Physical & Mental Growth:

Young people can benefit psychologically and physically from sports. Playing golf can help develop upper limb strength and balance throughout the body. Mental skills like patience, focus, observation, imagination, and judgment can all be enhanced by golf. 

High-quality Materials:

The toy is composed entirely of plastic except for the metal component of the golf club. The toy is well-made and will undoubtedly give the youngster many happy hours of playtime with friends, parents, or other family members.

Features of Childs Golf Set -

  • It can improve your kids' concentration, focus, and self-esteem

  • Perfect for beginners and small kids

  • Encourage your kids to be active and imaginative

  • Easy installation and convenient play.

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