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About Cooling Pillows Uk

The cooling pillows uk aids in the relief of overheating symptoms. This includes fevers and temperatures brought on by the illness, as well as hot flushes brought on by menopause. assists in reducing the symptoms of persons who have rls, acne, eczema, migraines, sunburn, or who are just overheating naturally!


  • ideal for fevers and the flu. Absolutely clean and safe; environmentally friendly. Use as a pillow, yoga mat, cushion for a pet, car seat cushion, or cushion for a laptop.
  • merely put under the pillow. helps you sleep better and cooler. 40% polyester and 60% PVC make up the cover.
  • Use a pet cooling mat to keep your furry friends cool this summer! Use cooling technology to help your pets stay cool in the summer heat with this transportable, simple-to-clean mat. Use a pet cooling pad to take care of your dogs this summer and keep them cool.
  • Your pet just needs to lay on the mat for its temperature to drop because the mat's interior lining contains cooling gel. The nicest part about this cooling pad is that it's portable and simple to clean—just wipe it down with a damp towel. This product will be a smashing success with your pet, whether used in fashion or in conjunction with a pet bed. Light and robust Non-toxic and safe for pets.

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Bought for my dad

I purchased this item especially for my father amidst the heat wave. It was totally worth it and really appreciated.