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Core Balance Pilates Ring - Yoga Pilates Circle Equipment Ring Fitness Training Resistance Stretch Support

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About Core Balance Pilates Ring

Core Balance Pilates Ring is an improved version of the original design. In addition, Pilates is more ergonomic and follows the natural curve of the human body. The massaging points have been precisely created to fit the human spine. If you insist on utilizing it, you can ease the difficulties of hump and spine bending.

Pilates Circle equipment

The Tool is Both Simple and Effective:

Working your arms, legs, and abdominals for 5–10 minutes with the Ring will RELIEVE TIGHT MUSCLES, enhance muscular strength, improve endurance and balance, and keep your joints healthy!

Small and Transportable Core Balance Pilates Ring:

Core Balance Pilates ring is lightweight and portable, taking up little space. Furthermore, Put it in your luggage, conceal it in your closet, or hang it anywhere. It is also an excellent complement to commercial gyms, yoga studios, and aerobic sessions.


High-density, Non-Toxic, Stretch-Resistant PP is sturdy and durable.

It is 9" x 4.6" and can be used in the office or at home while watching TV.

Notable Features -

  • 100% brand new and of superior quality
  • Fit the human spine to alleviate back-of-the-body stiffness with massage and calm.
  • The fascia stretch yoga ring may stretch and strengthen the ligaments.
  • Asana completion is greatly aided by assisted yoga positions.
  • You can relieve stress by opening your back and keeping your chest relaxed.
  • Shoulder and neck massages relax and also massage deep into the muscles by touching every single part of the body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
strengthening exercises

This is lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry around. I wanted to add a little resistance to my core workout, and this works great for my needs. Mine arrived in perfect condition, and being a slightly petite gal, but fairly strong, I can't imagine it would snap or break, and I'm using a good amount of tension. Adds just the right amount of controlled resistance for me. Feels solid and sturdy. The padding for me is perfect. It's something I can use every day, either to finish out an aerobic activity, or just spend 10-15 minutes doing a little "pilates."

heather elhard
My Pilates teacher told me to buy this

It works so great. Surprised how helpful it is to use and accommodate during my private class on zoom. So many exercises I can do with it. It is sturdy and I like the color.