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Cricket Batting Glove - Mens Hand Gloves for Cricket UK

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About Cricket Batting Glove


Cricket Batting Glove is designed to protect the hands from impact and injury. They feature padding and reinforced sections in the areas vulnerable to impact, such as the fingers and the back of the hand.

Cricket Batting Glove


The material used for the palm of the batting gloves enhances the grip on the bat. This helps the player maintain control and prevents the bat from slipping out of their hands during a shot.

Comfort and Fit Cricket Batting Glove

Batting gloves should fit snugly on the player's hands to ensure maximum control and comfort. They are usually adjustable with Velcro straps or elasticated wrists to provide a secure fit.


Many batting gloves have ventilation holes or mesh panels that allow airflow, keeping the hands cool and reducing sweat build-up.

Finger Design:

Batting gloves typically have separate sections for each finger to allow for flexibility and ease of movement. Some gloves may have additional protection for the leading fingers, such as extra padding or reinforced sections.

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Customer Reviews

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The gloves do their job

Great gloves. Extremely comfortable. Very soft inside. I wear them on the hottest setting (red) but they don't last 4-5 hours as claimed; longest I've got out of them is 3 hours 5 minutes. Also I'd like them to be a bit hotter for early cold crisp morning walks. Charging from dead to full takes 5 hours.