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D-handles Gym - Heavy Duty Multi Gym Cable Machine Stirrup Handle Bar

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About D-handles Gym

Excellent Quality:

Resistance band d-handles gym is made of ABS, thick woven nylon webbing, and soft rubber grips that are comfortable, secure, and easy to clean.

Heavy-Duty Construction:

The width of the resistance band handles is ideal for my average-sized hand, and the anti-slip is just sticky enough. The cable attachment straps are substantial and sewn tightly. The D rings are strong.

Extra Wide Ergonomic Handle:

A longer handle means you won't get chafed during your workout. We've grown in length and thickness. The handle is hollow on the inside, making it simple to modify the position of the nylon webbing.

Anti-slip Layout:

The exercise cable handles are super gripping and softer. Unlike traditional foam grips, this design allows the hand to dry faster. You may just wash them with water to clean them. Exercise band resistance grips have a sturdy construction and extremely gripping rubber.

Universal Application:

Excellent for lat pull-downs on the exercise machine, pullups, and other hanging exercises. Compatible with home gyms, weight pulley and cable machines, pilates reformers, functional training equipment, chair gyms, cable crossover machines, and Smith machines, as well as resistance bands.

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  • The resistance band handles are the correct size for my typical large hand, and the anti-slip is just sticky enough.
  • Unlike traditional foam grips, this design allows the hand to dry faster.
  • Ideal for machine lat pulldowns, pullups, and other hanging exercises
  • Two rubber handle grips are included in the package.
  • two carabiners
  • Can hold up to 150 Kgs
  • 1 storage bag made of mesh

Risk-free: If you have any questions at any time, please contact us, and we will do our best to help you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ellis Others
Muscular Majesty Maximized

This D-handle bar has elevated my physique from average to absolutely astonishing. Attachments like pullovers and kickbacks using the contoured grips continuously overload my entire arm, back and shoulder architecture week after week.

Jenson Havana
Pumped Up Peak Potential

This D-handle attachment has tapped into secret springs of muscular juice I didn't know I possessed. Exercises like upright rows and dips using the contoured grips maximize my complete arm and shoulder pump beyond anything else.

Finally Grew Peak Symmetry

As someone who used to struggle with underdeveloped brachial muscles, this D-handle bar has transformed my arms from unbalanced blobs into perfectly proportioned cannons.

Boulder Bicep Breakthrough

After struggling for years to cross that plateau to “house biceps,” this D-handle bar unlocked the secrets to my biggest arms yet. Exercises like gripping the D-handles upright for peak contractions maximize my bicep pump beyond anything else I've tried.

Total Triceps Transformation

This D-handle bar has completely overhauled the definition and growth of my triceps.