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D Lock for Bicycle - Kryptonite U Lock Original STD keeper Bicycle Bike Cycle D Shackle

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About D Lock for Bicycle:

A sturdy and dependable security option, the D Lock for Bicycle keeps your bike safe from theft. For riders who place a high priority on security, this heavy-duty lock is a necessary item since it combines strength, durability, and ease of use.


Sturdy and Durable: 

The hardened maximum-performance steel shackle of this heavy-duty lock for bicycle stands for leverage and cutting attacks.

D Lock for Bicycle


The smart serpentine keyway and zinc alloy lock core of the D lock and make it highly resistant to various keyless unlock attempts.

Increased Protection: 

Using steel ring cable and heavy-duty anti-theft bike locks together can enhance security while locking the front wheel or other accessories. Greater locking flexibility is possible with 4 feet of security steel cable.  You can utilize for for scooters, electric bikes, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Design & Performance:

The road bike's surface is coated with silicone to prevent scratches from high-security D lock for bicycle. The mounting bracket for the bicycle lock is included, and no further packaging is needed.


  • Strong
  • Long Lasting
  • Theft protection
  • Smar

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Strong lock

Great lock. Simple to operate and transport on the cargo bike's frame.