Car Paintless Dent Removal Kit
Dent Repair Kit with Slide Hammer
Paintless Dent Repair Kit for Car
Paintless Dent Removal Kit for Car
Car Dent Repair Kit with Hammer

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Dent Puller for Car - 19pcs Car Paintless Dent Removal Kit Slide Hammer Repair PDR Glue Puller Tabs

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About Dent Puller for Car:

A 19-piece dent puller for car with a slide hammer and glue puller tabs is a toolset. In addition, it is used for repairing dents on a car's body without the need for traditional paintwork.

Key Features:

Paintless Repairing: Because the glue-pulling tabs are composed of premium ABS, even on surfaces with minor dents, the original paint will not be harmed. 

Car Dent Puller Kit

Dent Puller for Car with Slide Hammer: The kit includes a slide hammer, which is a tool helps to apply force and pull-out dents from a vehicle's body. Furthermore, it typically consists of a handle and a weighted sliding mechanism. And it helps remove dents by generating controlled impact and pulling force.

Glue Sticks: To attach the puller tabs to vehicle's body, the kit may include glue sticks. Therefore, those are compatible with hot glue guns.

Therefore, these glue sticks provide a strong and temporary bond between the tabs. And the car's surface during the dent removal process.

Dent Removal Tools: The tool may feature additional tools designed for specific dent removal techniques.

In addition, these tools can include pry bars, hooks, rods, and other specialized tools that aid in accessing hard-to-reach areas and applying pressure to reshape the dent.

Professional Design: With the dent puller's ergonomic and leverage design, you can grasp the 44-cm-long T bar with ease and effectiveness. 

Widely Used: Ideal for fixing door dings and most car dents. However, it is also excellent for dents in metal surfaces like refrigerators and washing machines. 

Features of Dent Puller for Car :

  • No Painted Surfaces Hurt in this Dent Puller for Car 
  • High-Quality Material
  • Efficient Repair
  • Glue Sticks
  • Bridge Puller

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