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Doorway Sit Up Bar - Pull Ups Bar Muscle Gym Exercise Fitness Training Home Workout Equipment for Abdominal Core Strength Muscle Training

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About Doorway Sit Up Bar

This product, a Doorway Sit Up Bar, Sit Up Bar Door Attachment, Sit Up Assistant Device with Adjustable Positions, and  Home Workout Equipment for Muscle Training the Abdominal Core,

It's a Bar with sponge padding for optimal comfort. This is also simple to modify. It tightens and strengthens the abdominal muscles. This bar is perfect for travel, the office, and more, this sit-up bar is portable and lightweight.

Component of Doorway Sit-Up Bar

Doorway Sit Up Bar

Made this sit-up bar is with durable iron which means it last. You can cushion the backs of your legs with foam padding.


We can adjust it to firmly fit any door. It is made to fit under closed doors and function with any door.


To use, simply slide the Doorway Sit-Up Bar underneath a door. Then, just tighten or loosen the screw to make adjustments. To protect the door from damage, the end of the bolt that is tightened into the door frame screws into a foam cushion.


You can use this sit-up bar at work, at home, or wherever you go. Its lightweight, compact design makes moving it from one location to another simple and effective.

Adjustable Doorway Sit-Up Bar:

It can be adjusted to tightly fit any door, and it is designed to fit under closed doors and work with any door.

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Approximately 28 x 8.4 cm; Included in the package: 1 PC x Sit Up Bar

Advantages of Doorway Sit-Up Bar:

  • Use this sit-up bar wherever you are. Because of its lightweight and small size, moving it from one location to another is simple and effective.
  • When doing sit-ups, the foam-covered handlebars give you a grip and a pleasant place to rest your upper feet.
  • To protect the door from damage, the end of the bolt that is tightened into the door frame screws into a foam cushion.
  • This sit-up bar is made of durable iron. It is meant to last. The backs of your legs are cushioned with foam padding.
  • We can adjust it to firmly suit any door, and it is made to function with and fit under closed doors. Easily transportable. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Finally a flat stomach!

This doorway sit-up bar has seriously transformed my core strength and the definition of my abs.

Perfect core strengthener for any space

If you're tight on space but still want to strengthen your core, this sit-up bar is exactly what you need. The simple yet effective design adjusts to fit any standard doorway and provides stable support for hundreds of ab exercises.

Noah Cohen
Finally, flat abs are within reach

After hitting a plateau with traditional abdominal exercises, this sit-up bar has breathed new life into my core workouts. In addition to standard crunches, I can now perform leg lifts, hip raises, and oblique twists that target my abs from multiple angles.

Ab workout on demand

This sit-up bar has allowed me to fit workouts into any small space of free time I have. It adjusts to fit any standard doorway and locks securely into place providing stable support for all my core exercises. If you want an easy yet effective way to workout your core muscles, this is it!

A workout in every doorway

This incredible little sit-up bar has transformed my home workouts. In any doorway in my house, I can perform sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, and whole arrays of ab exercises to fatigue my core muscles. The foam handles provide a comfortable grip while the wide bottoms stabilize the bar securely in the doorway. I've already noticed a difference in definition and strength in my abs after just 2 weeks of using this bar 3-5 times per week. It's so easy to store and take with me when I travel.