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Dumbledore Xmas Gift - 15pc Harry Potter Collect Box Magic Wand Badge Necklace Set

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Size:10Pcs Magic Rings Gift Set

About Dumbledore Xmas Gift 

Dumbledore Xmas gift, With the help of this Harry Potter Collector's Magic Wand, Badge, and Necklace Set, you may explore the wizarding realm like never before. For devoted fans, this fantastic collection is a must-have because it includes a variety of iconic Harry Potter memorabilia that will expand your collection and transport you to the magical world of the books. A Perfect gift for the occasion of Halloween.

Features Of This Magical Set -

Tiny Replica Wands: Our replica wand, which was painstakingly made with attention to detail, is a perfect duplicate of some of the most well-known wands from the Harry Potter films. It is constructed from premium materials that perfectly capture the magic of the wizarding world.

Themed Badges: Display your allegiance to your favorite Hogwarts house or show off your appreciation for beloved characters with a set of collector's badges. Each badge is beautifully designed and features a secure pin fastening for easy attachment to clothing or accessories

Iconic Necklace: Accessorise with a stylish necklace that is based on a significant theme from the Harry Potter books. A special pendant on the necklace lets you take a piece of the wizarding realm with you wherever you go.

Premium Packaging: This set comes in a collector's box that has been specifically created, making it a wonderful gift choice for any Harry Potter lover. In addition to improving display, the box offers safe storage for your amazing treasures.

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Whether you're an enthusiastic collector of franchises or a casual fan, this set enables you to incorporate Harry Potter's magic into regular life. Show it out on your shelf, flaunt your badges, or use the wand in the manner of your favorite wizard or witch.

Perfect For:

  • Harry Potter memorabilia collectors
  • Fans of costumes and cosplay
  • Themed events and gatherings
  • Giving presents to Harry Potter lovers
  • Making an enchanted display for your home

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