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Ear Plug for Noise Cancellation - 5 Pairs Soft Reusable Ear Plug for Noise Cancelling Sleep Swim & Work

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About Ear Plug for Noise Cancellation

Noise Reduction: 

The unique tree-round design of these ear plug for noise cancellation. which is great for anyone who craves peace and quiet. They also protect your hearing from damaging sounds and high decibel levels, preventing depression and tinnitus. Spend the night sleeping soundly.

Ear Plug for Noise Cancellation

BPA FREE Material:

The materials used to make the ultra-soft sleeping earplugs are safe, non-toxic, and won't irritate your skin. 

Ergonomic Shape:

The ergonomically designed noise-canceling earplugs provide a good grip and a tapered profile that makes insertion and removal simple. You can use the earplugs comfortably as they are properly built to avoid putting any strain on your ear.

Vast Application and Reusable: 

We designed our sleeping earplugs to be reused. Useful for - 

  • Working.
  • Sleeping.
  • Swimming.
  • Shooting.
  • Using trains or airplanes.
  • Working in factories.
  • On construction sites.
  • Navigating traffic.

Portable Ear Plug for Noise Cancellation:

The carrying case packages and keeps these reusable earplugs safe. This earplug is portable and takes up little room.

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Customer Reviews

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Tammy Rodriguez
Used it at the gun range today. Works wonderful.

Each item is well packaged, great for noise when there are outside interferences. I love these I am able to take them when I travel to hotels. They also are very good quality and easy to remove from the ear. Highly suggested.