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Electric Baby Nail Trimmer - Safe Baby Fingernail Clippers Nail Cutter Newborn Nail Clippers Baby Nail Care Set for Infant Kids Adult Toes

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About This Item : 

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer, Your baby's fingernails and toenails can be trimmed using scissors and clippers. The baby nail file is used for additional shaping and smoothing. While the tweezers are used for other tasks like picking up nail fragments (or nose boogers perhaps). Grade A ABS is used to make plastic components.

Materials of Electric Baby Nail Trimmer :

made of safe, lightweight, and environmentally sustainable ABS plastic; energy-saving, powered by 2 * AA batteries (NOT supplied); Streamlined, comfortable-to-grip ergonomic handle.

Baby care set Comes with six different types of grinding heads: orange for babies under three months, green for babies between four and eleven months, and blue for infants over twelve months. Adult-sized cylindrical grinding head made of metal; adult-sized metal grinding head; and adult-sized white polishing grinding head.

Electric Baby Nail Trimmer

One-button activation, two gear speeds (high/low), a bi-rolling function (clockwise/counterclockwise), superior palm fit, easily converted excellent polish throughout, quick and painless Electric Baby Nail Trimmer.

With its built-in LED light, a baby can easily cut their nails in low-light conditions, and the motor's low noise and shock absorption mean it won't disturb them while they're sleeping.

Nail supplies and accessories can store in one box with this adorable and convenient storage bag. It is excellent for use at home and on the road.

Adjustable Speed Modes :

R2: Rapid, clockwise rotation

R1: Slow, clockwise rotation

L1: Slow rotation in the opposite direction

L2: Quick rotation in the opposite direction

Place the Batteries Inside the Trimmer :

The trimmer's battery cover should be slid off. Put the trimmer's batteries there.

When there is a click, the battery cover is closed.

LED Light for Dark Environment :

With an LED front light pointed at the nails, you may cut your baby's nails while they are sleeping.

360° Rotate Trim Polish :

Toenails and fingernails become softer and smoother with 360-degree expert cutting, polishing, and constant pace. There is only one button to regulate rotation (clockwise/counterclockwise) and speed.

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Customer Reviews

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Must have for a baby

These are two that I own! I get this for everyone I know who is expecting a baby! It is an absolute need! It's simple to use, quick, and painless! It trims infant nails without worrying about scraping their skin! I also use this on my toddler! Among the top goods for babies!