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Electric Ball Pump - Deeplee Electric Ball Pump with LED Digital Display, Battery Powered for Soccer

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Battery Powered Electric Ball Pump with LED Digital Display for Soccer Football Basketball Volleyball Rugby Balloons and Swimming Ring. You may set a very exact PSI (0.1 PSI), which will immediately stop when the actual measured pressure value meets the preset pressure number. This Smart ball pump also has a memory feature; it will display the last used pressure value when you use it the following time; enjoy the sport.

About Electric Ball Pump:

The air pressure sensing is precise to 0.1 PSI, allowing for pressure setting and accurate inflation. When the pump reaches the preset pressure, it will automatically shut off.

Fast inflation ball pump with a 2000mAh Lithium battery and a long battery life that can inflate 30 balls after 120 minutes of charging. The Micro-USB charging cord may be charged via a phone adaptor, a computer USB port, or a power bank.

Design and Size:

This Sports ball pump can accurately preset PSI while inflating through the LED digital display; no more worrying about the ball’s pressure being too high or too low. And a bright illumination at the bottom for use at night.

The electric ball pump has a size of 16x4x4 cm and a weight of 260g, making it easy to carry with you wherever you go.

With 1 floating ring nozzle and 2 ball needles, this inflatable is excellent for football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, yoga ball, balloons, and other inflatables. Tires on bicycles are not permitted. A small hand-held constructed ball pump with a small weight allows you to save more space in your pocket. Bring this small pump everywhere you go to keep your balls inflated.

This Electric Ball Pump has a nice size of 16cm. Stores easily and securely in a backpack, glovebox, ball bag, or equipment package. Allow you to take it anywhere. Don’t be concerned about how to inflate your ball at any time. Make more time for enjoyment.

The LCD panel shows the current air pressure, the preset air pressure, and the battery level. Simply pressing the right button twice will switch on the LED light for emergency lights at night.

Electric Ball Pump with LED Digital Display for Soccer Football

How to Install Electric Ball Pump : 

  1. Attach the air hose
  2. Insert the air needle
  3. Insert the needle into the hole for inflation.
  4. Long press the “center” button to switch the gadget on/off.
  5. By pressing the “center” button briefly, you may toggle on/off inflation.
  6. Have fun with the game.

Multifunction Ball Pump :

With two ball needles and one floating ring nozzle, you can not only inflate a swimming ring, but also a basketball, football, volleyball, rugby, or toy ball.   

Customer Reviews

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This electric pump has completely changed my life as the mother of two soccer players. It is extremely simple to use, and the LED display ensures accuracy. I'm no longer concerned about inflating or deflating the ball improperly. It is speedy and effective, which is ideal for my hectic schedule.

A turning point for my soccer team!

For our team, this electric ball pump has been a godsend. Knowing precisely when the ball is at the proper pressure is made simple by the LED digital display. No more speculating or exaggerating. It is also portable and lightweight, making it simple to take with you to games and practices.

Martha Abbot
A game-changer for my soccer team!

This electric ball pump has been a lifesaver for our team. The LED digital display makes it easy to know exactly when the ball is at the right pressure. No more guessing or over-inflating. It's also lightweight and portable, making it a breeze to bring to games and practices.

Optimal performance and safety

This ensures that the ball is inflated to the appropriate level for optimal performance and safety.

Allows to set the desired pressure

This LED digital display on the pump allows users to set the desired pressure level and monitor the pressure as the ball is being inflated.