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Foldable Rechargeable Wireless Eye Therapy Mask
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Electric Eye Massager - Foldable Rechargeable Wireless Eye Therapy Mask with Hot Compress/Air Pressure/Bluetooth Music and 5 Working Modes

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About Electric Eye Massager 

Acupressure points near the eyes are stimulated by an Electric Eye Massager, which also speeds up blood flow, decreasing wrinkles and improving skin elasticity. It can also aid in removing eye bags and dark circles brought on by insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation if applied daily for fifteen minutes.

best eye massager

Electric Eye Massager : 

The use of a complete eye massager can be used to massage the acupuncture points on the eye muscles, improve blood flow, reduce nearsightedness, and cure sleeplessness as well as eye tiredness, dry eyes, puffy eyes, and dark circles. Perfect for elderly folks, heavy white-collar professionals, and students who are studying.

Rechargeable and Auto Shutdown : 

The rechargeable lithium battery in the wireless eye massager offers USB charging for optimal travel. The low-noise design makes wearing glasses comfortable for the eyes. 15-minute smart timer built-in. To ensure your safety, the massage auto-offs after 15 minutes.

180 ° Foldable and Portable :

All facial shapes may be accommodated by the 180° foldable design, which also makes it simple to store and carry when traveling. The eye massager can adapt to varying head circumferences thanks to an adjustable elastic band, making it ideal for most people. You can experience the most comfortable thanks to the interior skin-care fabric and ergonomic design.

Bluetooth Music :

By using Bluetooth, you may pair the eye massager with your phone and play your preferred music while using the massager. aid in your deeper relaxation.

Massage Functions :

Your eyes will feel less strained, painful, stressed, and puffy as a result of air compression. Your eye muscle will be protected from pain by gentle vibrational power. Blood circulation can be aided and eye strain alleviated by using specialized infrared heating (42 °C). Numerous actions might lessen tiredness, eye bag, dark circles, and dry eyes.

Electric Eye Massager Features :

1. PU Leather
2. Adjustable Elastic Headband
3. USB Rechargeable
4. 180° Foldable
5. Air Pressure
6. 107℉/42℃ Hot Compress
7. Built-in & Bluetooth Music

By using hot compresses, vibration, and rubbing on the eyes, an intelligent eye massager uses the traditional meridian theory in combination with microcomputer chip control technology to help the eyes increase oxygen and dredge collaterals, improve eye blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, reduce visual impairment, maintain eye vision health, and significantly improve sleep. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

It's extremely soothing to use this electric eye massager! After a long day at work or in front of a screen, it's excellent for easing eye strain and tension. It's great that this electric eye massager is so simple to use and so powerful. My under-eye puffiness and dark circles have diminished thanks to it. I may use it whenever I need to calm my eyes on the fly by carrying it with me. For anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a screen, this is a fantastic investment.


It's effective in relieving my eye strain and fatigue. The hot compress and air pressure features are very soothing and the Bluetooth music adds to the relaxation. I appreciate the fact that it's foldable and rechargeable, making it easy to use and store. This is my great investment for anyone looking for an easy and effective way to relieve eye strain.

Perfect for a Relaxing in Night

I purchased the Electric Eye Massager and have been using it for a few weeks now. It's perfect for a relaxing night-in after a long day at work. The hot compress and air pressure features are amazing and the Bluetooth music makes the experience even more enjoyable. The device is also foldable, making it easy to store and transport. Highly recommended!

Alice Robinson
Perfect for a Relaxing Night-In

I purchased the massager and have been using it for a few weeks now. It's perfect for a relaxing night-in after a long day at work. The hot compress and air pressure features are amazing and the bluetooth music makes the experience even more enjoyable. Highly recommended!

Samantha Welch
Easy to Use and Portable!

I love the portability and ease of use of this electric eye massager. It's compact, lightweight, and can be easily stored in a bag or purse. Plus, it's easy to charge and has a long battery life.