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Electric Flea Combs - Flea Killer Electric Comb for Pet Cats Dogs Kills Eggs Fleas Safe Effective No Chemical Comb

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About Electric Flea Combs

The Electric Flea Combs is a product designed to help remove fleas and their eggs from the fur of pet cats and dogs. It typically consists of a handheld comb with built-in electronic features.

Key Features Of Electric Flea Combs


Insect killer comb combine the action of combing through the pet's fur with an electric charge. As the comb passes through the fur, it emits a low-level electric current designed to stun or kill fleas upon contact. The electric charge is usually mild and considered safe for pets when used as directed.

Flea Comb

Removing Fleas and Eggs:

The comb's teeth are typically designed to trap and immobilize fleas, allowing the electric charge to be effective in killing them. In addition to eliminating adult fleas, these combs are often claimed to target flea eggs as well. By removing fleas and eggs from the pet's fur. The comb aims to interrupt the flea life cycle and reduce re-infestation.

Chemical-free Approach: 

One of the main advantages of flea-killer electric flea combs is that they offer a chemical-free alternative for treating fleas. Some pet owners prefer this method, especially if they are concerned about using traditional flea treatments containing pesticides or chemicals. However, it's important to note that while combs may eliminate fleas on the pet. They may not address fleas in the pet's environment, such as bedding or carpets.

Complementary Flea Control: 

While flea-killer combs can be useful for removing fleas from the pet's fur, they are often recommended as part of a comprehensive flea control approach. Combining the use of a comb with other measures such as regular bathing. Vacuuming the pet's environment, and using flea preventive products can help achieve better results in managing fleas.


The effectiveness of electric flea combs can vary depending on factors such as the severity of the flea infestation, the type of fur or coat the pet has, and the individual response of the fleas to the electric charge. Some users report positive results with electric combs, while others may find them less effective, especially in cases of heavy infestations.

Features of Electric Flea Combs -

  • Safe and effective flea and tick control on cats and dogs
  • eliminates and kills ticks, fleas, larvae, and eggs in adults
  • Delivers harmless electrical causing no harm to pets
  • Poison and chemical-free
  • Push-button control
  • Ergonomic

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