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Exercise Sliders UK - 2X Dual Sided Gliding Discs Exercise Sliders Core Sliders

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About Exercise Sliders UK 

Amazing Core Workout:

Using our Gliders Fitness core sliders requires regular core stability, resulting in an amazing workout.

Workout for the Whole Body:

With Exercise Sliders UK, you may execute exercises that target every muscle region, offering excellent sport and real-world carryover conditioning.

Exercise Sliders UK

Get Rid of Fat:

Burn fat by using our strength sliders on any surface as part of a HIIT or aerobic workout!


Our gym slider discs let you conduct workouts that target every muscle area, making them ideal low-cost fitness equipment for both men and women.

Exercise Sliders UK

Every Surface:

Our fitness glide sliders are dual-sided, allowing you to use them on any surface, including hardwood, carpet, laminate, or tile.

Key Features of Core Sliders

  • An effective total-body workout that is also comfortable Design with two side
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Strengthens and improves mobility
  • The simple and informative exercise guide will get you started on your fitness path.
  • You don't need pricey exercise equipment to get in the best shape of your life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I enjoy how it feels and looks. The only thing, I believe, is that I can't work on the carpet barefoot since my foot keeps slipping off sliders. Other than that, excellent purchase

Peak Performance Potential Progressed

These versatile discs have boosted me beyond mediocrity into uncharted performance paradigms. Complex slider circuits targeting my entire body structure several sessions per week demolished previous limits within their second stint.

Peak Potential Propelled!

These versatile discs have boosted me to the pinnacle of my capabilities. Slider exercises like fire hydrants and donkey kicks on their slick coatings overtax my entire muscular structure each session.

Functional Fitness Fast Track!

These discs have catapulted my functional training results beyond what I ever thought possible. Exercises like lateral slides and scoops on the smooth surfaces revolutionize my muscle activation.

Full Body Fat-Melting Machine!

These dual discs have transformed my body into a calorie-spewing furnace. Exercises like weighted lunges and curtsy slides on the slick enamel stimulate my metabolic flames like nothing before.