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Shower Brush for Cleaning
Shower Brush for Back
Long Handled Back Scrubber
Bath Brush With Handle
Bath Brush With Handle

Extra Long Handled Bath Brush - Bath Brushes With Long Handle, Long Handle Shower Bath Brush Wooden Loofah Back Body Scrubber Exfoliator Sponge

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About Extra Long Handled Bath Brush

Soft and Stiff Brush:

Extra Long Handled Bath Brush is the stiff natural bristle body dry brush can massage the skin on the legs and feet while thoroughly cleaning the hair and dirt on the skin's surface. The soft natural bristle body dry brush can protect the skin's sensitivity on the face and neck while easing the skin's path.

Benefits for Whole Body Skin:

In addition to smoother skin, dry brushing frequently can result in exfoliation, smaller pores, softer and finer skin, less body fat, and lymphatic system stimulation.

Bath Brushes With Long Handle

Premium Dry Brush Bath Brushes With Long Handle:

The natural bristles of the body brush are strong and long-lasting. In addition, It has excellent purity after a rigorous selection and is soft and kind to human skin. The dry body brush is natural bamboo production and has a flax belt that prevents slipping. It is also nice to grip and simple to use.

Portable and Easy to Transport Extra Long Handled Bath Brush:

This dry body brush is lightweight and portable. Additionally, the box has two hooks for simple hanging.

Benefits of Brushing:

  • The long-handled bath brush may clean pores and exfoliate the skin,
  • By removing debris and dead skin cells from pores and excess oil and residue to promote healthier skin. Lessen cellulite
  • Body brushes can massage the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of fat mass.
  • It soften stearic fat deposits under the skin, and make the skin more supple and smooth.
  • Regular use of a dry shower brush can stimulate the body's lymphatic system, improve blood flow, and aid in detoxification.

Extra-long Lotus Handle :

The shower brush has a handle that is nearly 17 inches long and is made of sturdy lotus wood. The back and legs, which our hands can't reach, can be thoroughly cleaned by it.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
John Covele
Solid product!!

The arm rest component itself is rather robust, however the strap that crosses the neck and the cushion might use some additional reinforcement. It works well; I've been using it for the past two weeks.

Liz Anne

This brush got the part of my back I wanted it to get it felt very gentle I suppose if I didn't have eczema I might want something a little more firm but in my case this was exactly what I needed and other than the soft bristles I like that it's biodegradable. Additionally, it features a strap for hanging.

A need for every shower regimen!

This long handle bath brush has been a game-changer for someone who has trouble reaching their back in the shower. My skin is perfectly exfoliated by the loofah sponge, which has a solid wooden handle.

Well made

I am very pleased with this product. Great for face and body. The brush is easy to clean also.

Miranda Cobb
A must-have for every shower routine!

As someone who struggles with reaching their back in the shower, this long handle bath brush has been a game-changer. The wooden handle is sturdy and the loofah sponge exfoliates my skin perfectly.