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Fat Burner Machine - Body Slimming Massager EMS Machine Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Burner 3in1 Therapy

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About Fat Burner Machine

3-in-1 Multipurpose Equipment:

Fat Burner Machine UK begins with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Mode, then moves on to Infrared Mode and Ultrasonic Mode, all while using skin care products for best treatment results.

Weight Reduction and Body Slimming:

EMS mode causes minimal calorie burning owing to muscular contraction by attaching two electrode cushions to the body. Each therapy lasts 10 minutes; you can restart the EMS mode as needed, but please do not exceed 30 minutes in total per day.

Fat Burner Machine

Ultrasound Phase Followed by EMS:

The ultrasonic vibration process warms and vibrates the layer of fat cells beneath the skin's layer. Fat cells liquefy and spill their contents into circulation as a result of the pressure.

Improving Skin:

The Infrared Mode uses infrared heat to improve blood circulation and melt fat beneath the skin. Infrared therapy also seeks to improve the skin by tightening it and removing creases.

Five Techniques to use Fat Burner Machine UK:

  • Pressing, massage therapy, kneading, scrapping, and slimming. There are also five levels of EMS intensity from which to choose, depending on your needs.
  • Variable ultrasound levels: low and high, with the low level advised for areas with thin skin and the high level suitable for areas with thicker skin.
  • The ergonomic design makes holding it simple and comfortable.

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Package includes:

1 × EMS Massager ,1 x Power Adapter Cable

4 × Electrode Pads, 1 x User Manual


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Kerryanne Costello
Very convenient to carry, the effect is obvious

The rates on your products are really attractive, and your product is very straightforward to use.