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Figure of 8 Descender - Figure 8 Climbing Descender Ring Outdoor Mountaineering Equipment

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About Figure of 8 Descender

This figure of 8 descender is made from a high-strength metal that is unbreakable, wearable, and safe. You can ascend securely by using the brake or the friction created between the rope and the fall speed.

Heavy duty 35KN, appropriate for use by the majority of people. The connector between the rope and the safety belt is located between the tiny and large holes. Used for rappel systems; also appropriate for working at heights and fire rescue.

High Quality:

The belay slot and extra-thick ears on a figure of 8 descender are features. enables easy rope movement when descending or belaying. Additionally, the thick body substantially reduces rope abrasion to a low degree.

Figure of 8 Descender

Safe: Figure of 8 Descender

The Terminal figure of 8 descender is composed of durable and tough industrial-grade high-strength aluminum alloys (surface anodized oxidation) material. Heat-dissipating design with a 0.27lb weight. The breaking strength test passed with a force of 35KN (7,875lbs), and it is advised to have a working load limit of 3,000lbs. The connector between the rope and the safety belt is located between the tiny and large holes.


simple installation suitable for swift use in challenging circumstances and makes big loads easier to carry. Due to its conventional shape, the rope can move smoothly and with just the right amount of friction to complete the task. Ideal for modern climbers or professionals in search and rescue.

Universal Figure of 8 Descender:

employed in a rappel system. Ideal for adventure activities such as 

  • Rock climbing,
  • Caving,
  • Trekking,
  • Canyoning,
  • Outdoor training,
  • Engineering projects,
  • High-altitude operations etc.

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