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First Aid Tourniquet - Emergency Tourniquet Outdoor Sports First Aid Medical Paramedic Tools UK

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About First Aid Tourniquet

For Outdoor or Emergency Use: 

This First Aid Tourniquet, may stop bleeding and save lives at crucial moments, saving time and lives. Ideal for use in the home and outdoors for camping, hiking, the office, the car, the workplace, and survival.

Size for Most:

Users can adjust the size of this tourniquet to fit their needs, as it has a stretched length of approximately 95 cm. It is also very easy to reuse and clean.

First Aid Tourniquet

Easy to Carry: First Aid Tourniquet

With its lightweight and small size, it may be quickly added to emergency kits for the home, vehicles, motorbikes, range bags, work belts, and backpacks, as well as carried on one's person for rapid use.

Easy Simple Design:

Fast, efficient, one-handed application design. To stop problematic arterial bleeding, apply a second tourniquet.

Wide Use:

Excellent for accidental wounds, abrasions, arterial bleeding, hemostasis, blood collection, etc.

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Customer Reviews

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Even under stress, it responds well; I can make it fit comfortably with gauze scissors and a tourniquet or multipurpose pliers as needed.