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Fly Zapping Racket - Bug Zapper Racket Fly Swatter Mosquito Bat Wasp Electric Insect Pest Killer USB

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About Fly Zapping Racket

Our Fly Zapping Racket was made to rapidly kill any bug with a single zap, and it includes an X-large, powerful killing mesh. Most pleasing noise combined with dependable outcomes. Day or night, the deadly bat can function thanks to its integrated light. Ideal for spending our nights outdoors when camping. 

Key Features Of Fly Zapping Racket

LED Light:

A single battery ought to support more than 11,000 zaps despite the mesh's power. There won't be somewhere for wasps, flies, or mosquitoes to hide. Invest with assurance in a UK-based company.

Fly Swatter

USB Charging Fly Zapping Racket:

It is convenient to charge thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery. Connect to any USB wall outlet, power bank, or television.

Simple & Safe Use:

Only after turning on the device and pressing a button on the side will the electric zapper start to work. To keep any wandering fingers safe, the electrified mesh features a protective covering on both sides. However, keep in mind that this is an adult-only tool and not a toy.

Indoor & Outdoor:

Not only can you use this Zap It! electric fly zapping racket indoors, but it can also be used outside to kill bugs! With this compact electric mosquito swatter, you can zap mosquitoes whenever and wherever you choose—whether you're out for a family picnic, a camping trip or a hike. Because of its extremely bright integrated LED, you may use it in the dark! 

Safety Features:

The glowing indicator light and activation button eliminate the possibility of inadvertent zapping. In addition, a triple-layer safety mesh provides additional security if the racket is electrified. 

Clean Efficient Killer:

Fly spray and unsightly, useless fly paper are superfluous. Safe for use in dry situations both indoors and outdoors.

Features - 

  • Led Light
  • USB charging
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Large surface
  • Double Sided

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