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Flying Orb Balls - Pro Flying Ball Space Orb Magic Mini Drone UFO Boomerang Ball Boy Girl Toy Gifts

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About Flying Orb Balls

Our Stress-Relieving Flying Orb Balls that is a USB Charging and Portable toy for Adults and Children. It is trendy and very effective for any kind of family or get-together game.

Features of Flying Orb Balls


The vibrant light illuminates the night and changes hue at will, much like a meteor. The flying ball is started and stopped by the remote controller.

flying ball uk

Flying Toys: 

Playing both indoors and outdoors is made easier by its light weight, flexibility, superb feel, and lack of space constraints. The integrated LED's vivid hues are visible even throughout the day.


UFO magic balls constructed from premium non-toxic ABS material, it is flexible, lightweight, and resilient to multiple mishaps. Playing with and carrying the flying remote control toy is possible due to its minimal weight. Children can have fun both indoors and outside.

Multi-player Flying Orb Balls:

Encourage multiplayer gaming, provide to one another, and locate a partner with whom to impress. How far you can fly, how high technology can reach!

Perfect Gift: 

For family and friends, these adorable manual drones make thoughtful birthday and Christmas presents.

Special Feature -

  • Flying Ball to play
  • Stress Release
  • LED Lights
  • USB Charging
  • Portable and Lightweight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fun for kids and adults too!

Bought this for my nephew for Christmas. Gotta say, this toy is quite fun! It works as expected and took quite a few hits and kept on going. Ironically, the adults ended up playing with it just as much as the kids! I like that all the moving parts are contained inside the device so it's very safe to use for all ages. Quite surprised with how simple yet fun it turned out to be!

Jennifer G.
Awesome Toy! My kids love it!

Decided to place an order after seeing these advertised on TV. So happy I did! Super fun, easy to learn and beautiful. I love all the colors it has. My dogs didn't know what to make of it at first but now run to me when they hear it turn on! Haha. Durability is quite strong too even after many many crashes. It's fun to practice with and get better and better at it! A+