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Flying Saucer Ball Dog Toy - Flying Saucer Ball Strange Deformation Frisbee Pet Magic Decompression Toy

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About Flying Saucer Ball Dog Toy

The Flying Saucer Ball Dog Toy you mentioned is an intriguing and entertaining toy that combines elements of a frisbee, strange deformation, and magic for both pets and humans.

Key Features of Flying Saucer Ball Dog Toy

Flying Saucer Ball Toy:

Unlike other bouncing ball, the Magic Flying Ball  includes a light-emitting feature that will keep your pet occupied and happy for hours. Its design is similar to a flying saucer.

flying ball smyths

Safe and Durable:

Made of premium soft rubber material that is resistant to breakage, this pet toy is a flying saucer ball. It's a nice chew toy with a cool surface that makes for a comfortable grip during busy play. Perfect for playing with dogs.

Two Forms & 4 Colors:

The flying saucer ball dog toy works by pressing the yellow circle with the palm of your hand once it has been pressed. Then, you can easily switch and fit the suction up and down. Four hues, corresponding to four luminous models, are red, blue, purple, and green.

Easy to Play:

Operating the Magic Flying Saucer Ball doesn't take any particular talent and is quite easy. To enjoy the fun, just bounce it, throw it, and catch it. Your dog will remain active and delighted with the exciting light mode and surprising bouncing patterns.

Special Features -

  • Composed of fresh, solid, and odor-free environmental protection material.
  • A ball with a variety of games can help kids develop their motor skills and make their early years more colorful.
  • Flexible, leap higher, fear no falling, and stay in the air longer.
  • Two forms, interchangeable at will, thicker material that won't break when you press the yellow circle to release the internal suction cup.
  • When pressing, apply pressure both up and down, not sideways.
  • When you press the yellow circle, it will immediately transform into a flying disk and take around five seconds to return to a spherical. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Awesome toy!

The dog love waiting for the ball to pop and to figure out where it’s going to go too to chase it and start over again! Love the lights to keep the interactive play going!

Dog Loves These

Product was pretty and responded as advertised. My dog is not a big chewer but was able to chew a hole in one of the panels within an hour. Not for a chewer!!