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Foam Swimming Pool Noodle - Swimming Pool Noodle Stick Water Float Aid Strip Blue or Red

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About This Item : 

A polyethylene Foam Swimming Pool Noodle is a cylindrical component that is flexible and buoyant. People of all ages utilize pool noodles when swimming. When learning to swim, for floating, for reaching for help, in various water games, and for aquatic training, pool noodles come in handy.

Solid Epe Foam : 

Solid EPE foam flotation noodles are perfect for aqua aerobics, swimming lessons, and other leisure activities for people of all ages. The swimming noodle in question is made of EPE.

Various Colors Foam Swimming Pool Noodle: 

Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Pink noodles will be randomly selected from orders of more than one noodle.

Strong and Flexible: 

Constructed to be strong and flexible. Our pool noodles are simple to keep and won't be destroyed easily. durable swimming noodles.

Various Colors : 

the package will include two items, two each of Blue, Purple, Yellow, Green, and Pink, chosen at random.

Each Noodle Approximate Dimensions: 

L: 1.5m D: 6cm. Ideal for learning both kicking and swimming techniques in the water.

Ideal for Playing and Exercising: 

Our Pool Noodles will be a vital tool for individuals who are just getting started in the water, offering countless hours of amusement, fitness, and relaxation.

For Recreational Use Only : 

The swim noodles we sell for kids are not meant to be lifesaving tools for kids or adults. When using children, an adult should be there to supervise them.

Suitable for Many Occasions : 

Our kids' swim noodles can be used for events, parties, relaxation, extra flotation, swim lessons, and general outdoor fun.

Strong Floating : 

The bendable swim noodles we offer for kids let you enjoy floating indefinitely. Nevertheless, it is also a great tool for teaching yourself to swim.

Our kids' swim noodles can be bent, providing infinite floating entertainment. At the same time, it is also excellent for use as a tool for teaching swimming.

Swimming Pool Noodle

Solid Available : 

Solid EPE foam is used to make the swim noodles we offer for kids. It includes built-in floating noodles with good strength and flexibility that are safe and non-toxic.

Durable Foam Swimming Pool Noodle: 

Our kids' swim noodles are supple and flexible, incredibly buoyant, and very long-lasting. You can experience the delight of floating and playing because it comes in a range of colors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

For aquatic exercises, use these foam swimming pool noodles! They are ideal for anyone wishing to increase their swimming fitness because they offer support and buoyancy. For group activities and games, the colors blue and red work nicely.


These foam swimming pool noodles are light and simple to transport. They are also simple to store. They are ideal for tiny places because they are also simple to store. The colorful and vibrant color selections in blue and red also make them simple to identify in the water.

Great for Kids and Adults!

These Foam Swimming Pool Noodles are perfect for both kids and adults! They provide buoyancy and support in the water, making them great for swimming and water exercises. I have bought the blue and red color options are also fun and vibrant.

Matthew Patel
Works fine but..

They work just fine, but I am afraid that it will last very long.

Great for Kids and Adults

Over my usgae for the last two weeks, I realized that these Foam Swimming Pool Noodles are perfect for both kids and adults! They provide buoyancy and support in the water, making them great for swimming and water exercises. Recommended