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Football Training Ladder - Agility Ladder Speed Training Equipment, Football Agility Speed Training 6m Ladder & Cone Set with Drawstring Carry Bag

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Our training package is essential for practicing football, soccer, basketball drills, hockey, and athletes. It’s great exercise/fitness gear. 6m Ladder & Cone Set with Drawstring Carry Bag for Agility Speed Training. Easy to set up for all levels of athletes-for kids, amateurs & professionals. Use this speed training equipment to create various drills for improving speed, agility, coordination, reflexes, footwork, balance, and explosiveness.

Agility Speed Football Training Ladder 6m Ladder

About This Item:

Our training package is essential for practicing football, soccer, basketball drills, hockey, and athletes of all types. It’s a great exercise/fitness gear and an absolute must-have kit for sports junkies. Improving and assisting balance, rhythm, body control, and coordination.

With PE instructors, rugby and tennis players, coaches, and fitness courses all benefiting greatly from this package, The possibilities are unlimited. It’s also ideal for making a fun obstacle course for kids and adults alike. Offering hours of enjoyment and exercise.

Size and Design of Football Training Ladder:

Our ladder is 6 meters long, each rung measuring 42 cm long, 2.2 cm broad, and 5mm thick. The kit includes four nails to keep the agility ladder securely in place. When used, the dimensions per component are 60 x 15 x 5 cm.

Our training ladder set includes ten sturdy plastic cones for marking out training zones, warm-up drills, and shuttle-based workouts. Also included are 12 high-quality, long-lasting plastic rungs for training and exercise.
Speed training ladder composed of heavy-duty nylon and PE material,

Football Training Ladder

How to Install Football Training Ladder:

The agility ladder is simple to install and remove, and it will not move while in use. The agility speed training ladder comes with four fixed pins to secure the ladder to the ground and keep it in place.

Use for Multipurpose:

This training ladder kit may improve balance, rhythm, body control, and coordination, among other things. The agility ladder kit is also perfect for developing exciting obstacle games. And for youngsters, it gives amusement and outdoor activities.

Convenient to Store:

The football training outfit includes a drawstring bag in which all things may be packed, making it easy to store and transport. A football speed ladder is a useful tool for football training.

Features of Football Training Ladder: 

Using the Agility Football Training Ladder increases acceleration, lateral speed, direction change, foot speed, lateral quickness, agility, coordination, and general balance.

  • Ladder for Speed Training Warm-ups, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, badminton, rugby, and other sports benefit from this product.
  • Ladder for Football Speed High-quality material that is exceptionally robust, long-lasting, and resistant to wear.
  • The speed ladder is simple to install, secure, and handy.
  • The Agility Speed Training Ladder can help you improve your lateral speed and ability to change directions fast. This a fantastic present idea for children, coaches, players, or anybody who enjoys sports training!

Customer Reviews

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Complete kit with bag and stand!

These football training cones are portable and convenient to keep because they come with a stand and bag. It's a practical approach to keep all of our training supplies arranged and accessible.

Charlie Holloway
Great for exercising the family!

very pleased with the product does the job at a very reasonable price. Bought as a gift for my niece she’s enjoying playing in the garden with it.

Demi Allan
great product

This product is perfect to help keep fit and great to use as part of an obstacle course for the kids as well. Great purchase

Aaron Gallagher
Excellent tool

Excellent. It has a great size. I highly recommend it.
Easy to assemble, it does not take up space, it is light and resistant.
I use it to train with my son.

Nicole Ellis
Exactly what I was looking for

Good quality product. Lightweight and durable. Really enjoying this product in the off season