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Fun Games for Halloween - Halloween Party Games UK - Five Halloween Games Included

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About Fun Games for Halloween

Halloween Party Games Pack:

Everyone will be entertained over the Halloween season with these Fun Games for Halloween.  All ages can enjoy playing these activities, whether they are played at home with family before trick-or-treating, in a classroom with teachers and students, at a care facility, in your neighborhood bar, or with your friends at a Halloween party.

Spider Splat:

To earn points, smear the Spider on the poster. Unlimited Players, X-Large Poster, Sticky Spider Splat, Certificate, and Instructions are all included.  Visit our shop to purchase this game separately.

Fun Games for Halloween

Halloween Bingo:

Halloween Party Games UK, 20 Bingo Cards, 40 Caller Images, Winner Certificates, and Instructions are included for a maximum of 20 players.

Mark off the Halloween-related items on your bingo card while the bingo caller reads the Halloween-related items out loud at random.  Visit our shop to purchase this game separately. 

Ghosty’s Halloween Hunt:

In this indoor Halloween treasure hunt, which comes with 10 x clues, a Haunted House Prize Box, and thorough instructions, join Ghosty the Ghost as he attempts to decipher 10 enigmatic puzzles and locate his Haunted House Prize Box.  Visit our shop to purchase this game separately.

Halloween Charades:

With a Halloween twist, the game plays similarly to the classic version with an unlimited number of players. It comes with 50 charade cards, certificates for the best and worst performances, a winner certificate, and instructions.  Visit our shop to purchase this game separately.

What Makes This Game Pack So Great & Unique:

Five of our top Halloween games are included in this pack, which is an unbeatable deal for the whole family to enjoy.  Along with your other Halloween accessories, the games that come with posters also make great Halloween decorations.

Fun for All Halloween Party Occasions:

These games can not only be played at a Halloween party, but they are also a wonderful warm-up before you take your kids trick-or-treating for candy or a welcome gift for everyone who simply adores Halloween.

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Customer Reviews

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Great party pack of games

A few games, regrettably none of them can be used again as paper, but overall they served their purpose for the Halloween party, with the stick-on nose being the favorite among the grandchildren.