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Garden Hose Pipes For Sale

Garden Hose Pipes - 7 Function Water Spray Gun Expandable Magic Garden Hose Pipe Anti Kink

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About Garden Hose Pipes

The Garden Hose Pipes with an anti-kink feature and a 7-function water spray gun is a versatile and convenient tool for watering your garden or performing other outdoor water-related tasks. 

Key Features Of Garden Hose Pipes

Multiple Sprays:

The spray nozzle of the flexible garden hose features seven adjustable spray patterns: shower, mist, centre, cone, bowl, full head, and spray.

garden hose pipes

Multifunction Garden Hose Pipes:

Use hose pipes to wipe windows and floors, and water flowers and lawns. In a similar vein, you can use the multipurpose sprinkler head for car washes and equipment cleaning.

Explosion Proof / Good Quality:

The garden hose pipes are composed of two layers of latex rubber. The exterior nylon fabric resists wear and keeps leaks from happening. High-quality materials with the qualities of resistance to wear, lightweight, and environmental protection are used in its construction and operation. The premium fabric ensures that this garden hose won't twist or tangle.

Lightweight & Portable:

includes a hose hanger and storage bag, making it easy to carry and store. When not in use, just empty the water from the inflatable hose and store it somewhere that gets shade. 

Storage and Maintenance:

It's crucial to empty the hose of any leftover water after each usage and store it correctly. To keep the hose tidy and safe from harm, certain models include hooks or storage bags.

Special Features - 

  • Anti-Kink Technology
  • Durability
  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple Sprays
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Leakproof 

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Customer Reviews

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This hosepipe is amazing, in the past I have had to buy two hosepipe and join together to reach the areas of my front path. This one expands brilliantly .Lots of different spray modes, brilliant