Giant Hopscotch Set
Giant Hopscotch Set
Outdoor Hopscotch
Hopscotch Game Set
Giant Hopscotch Game
Giant Hop Scotch
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Giant Hopscotch Set - Giant Hop Scotch Indoor Outdoor Garden Family Hopscotch Game Set 210cm x 60cm

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About Giant Hopscotch 

Interlocking Tiles:

A Giant Hopscotch Set is a larger version of the traditional hopscotch game. Designed for outdoor play and suitable for both children and adults. It provides a fun and active way to engage in physical activity. While promoting balance, coordination, and agility.

2-4 Players

For two or more players. We send colors randomly, and they may differ from the ones shown.

Giant Hopscotch


When assembled, the approximate size is 210 cm x 60 cm.

Indoor/Outdoors Giant Hopscotch Set

Inside, the game can be played as well, and it has become a highly popular game for kids' parties. The game consists of ten interlocking, quick-to-assemble foam parts that make up the squares. These foam parts are strong and tidy. Additionally, there are four pucks provided for playing the game.

Family Game:

You will enjoy the garden reimagining of this enormous version of hopscotch. If you still remember playing it with a bit of chalk on sidewalk squares.

To play with the Giant Hopscotch Set, follow these steps:


  1. Start by standing behind the first square, which is usually labeled "1."

  2. Toss a marker (bean bag or object) into the first square without stepping on the lines or losing balance. If successful, hop over the first square and land on the following squares consecutively, skipping the square with the marker.

  3. Continue hopping through the numbered squares, always skipping the square with the marker until you reach the end of the grid.

  4. At the end of the grid, turn around, and hop back, this time picking up the marker on the way. Be careful not to step on the lines or lose balance.

  5. If you successfully complete the round without any mistakes, throw the marker into the next square and start the next round with that number.

  6. If you make a mistake, step on a line, lose balance, or miss a square, it is the next player's turn.

  7. The game continues with each player taking turns until all the squares have been completed.

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Customer Reviews

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Silvergift Thompson
Great for indoor exercise

Over the weekend, I discovered that my eight-year-old was not familiar with the game of hopscotch! Since it was too wet to draw a grid outside, I obviously bought this right away after being horrified. The item was big enough to be played with even by an adult, and it was simple to assemble. It wasn't a trip danger in my opinion, unlike some other reviews. Overall, we had a great time with it, and I can definitely see us using it a lot!