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Golf Club Cleaner Brush
Golf Club Cleaner Brush
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Golf Cleaning Brush
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Golf Club Cleaners - Golf Club Brush Cleaning Tool Groove Cleaner Hook To Bag For Iron Wood Clubs

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About Golf Club Cleaners:

Golf club's grooves may hold tiny bits of grass and sand after a round of play, which might have an immediate impact on every shot. These golf club cleaners could be of use to you right now.

You may get rid of the grass and dirt faster with the help of this double-sided brush. Depending on your needs, you could use a steel or nylon brush.

Golf Club Cleaners

These golf club cleaners have an elastic rope and key chain at the end so you may hang it or fasten it to your key ring based on your needs.

You might clean the grass and mud off the sneakers, golf ball, and golf club by using this cleaning brush.

Ideal for those who enjoy playing golf!


  • User Friendly
  • Spikes are for extra clean
  • Appropriate brush size
  • Travel Friendly
  • Easy Storage

Key Features Of Golf Club Cleaners:

Club Cleaning:

The golf club cleaners are made to remove dirt, grass, and other debris from the clubheads in an efficient manner. Maintaining the cleanliness of your clubs regularly will help them last longer and play better.

Golf Club Cleaners Brush

Groove Cleaner:

The golf club cleaners is a particular brush tool which are specially to clean the clubface grooves. Therefore, these grooves are essential for giving the golf ball spin and control. Furthermore, ball control and best performance are ensured by keeping the grooves clean.

Hook Attachment:

You can easily fasten the brush to your golf bag with this attachment making sure it's always within reach during your round. In addition, this saves time and keeps your clubs clean throughout the game by removing the need to look for the brush in your pockets or anywhere else.


High-quality golf club cleaners are usually constructed from sturdy materials that are resistant to weather and frequent use.  However, for long-lasting performance, look for brushes with robust construction and strong bristles.

Simple to Use:

It's easy to use the brush. Just moisten the brushes and, if preferred, use a gentle cleaning solution. Next, clean the grooves and clubheads gently to get rid of any dirt or debris. After giving the clubheads a thorough rinse, pat dry and put them back in your bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good club cleaner

Great cleaner. Retractable lead a big plus, hope it lasts.
But. A removable cover is needed to give 5 stars.
Value for money.

Excellent product

Great product easy to use with the extendable cord, both brushes are stiff enough to handle the job

Greg Wardlaw
No more dirty clubs!

Nice tool for cleaning grooves as well. Super convenience. Just clip to your bag so you can use whenever you need it.