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Grabber Stick For Elderly - 2x Long Reach Grabber Reacher Litter Picker Helping Hand Held Pick Up Tool

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About Grabber Stick For Elderly

The grabber stick for elderly is a set that includes two long-reach grabber reachers. These tools are designed to assist in picking up litter and other objects without the need for bending or stooping.

Key Features Of Grabber Stick For Elderly

Magnetic Tip:

You can use a grabber stick for elderly to pick up tiny metal objects like paperclips and keys. The rounded edge offers a softer way to gather breakable items. Easily pick up large, small, or oddly shaped objects off the ground.

Grabber Stick For Elderly

Lightweight and Easy-to-Use Grabber Stick For Elderly:

This picker grabber tool's lightweight, aluminium construction makes it simple to use and carry. Both left- and right-handed users will find the grip handle's ergonomic design and sturdy body to be very comfortable.

Litter Picker Grabber Stick:

This multipurpose tool will be there for you when you need it. You never realized how much you needed the garden leaf collection. This garbage picker will make your life better.

Multifunction Grabber:

You won't have to exert any effort to pick up anything you need with this useful reacher.  Also, This equipment can enhance your quality of life if you are unwell and lack the strength to lift something.

Grabber Stick:

Those with mobility issues may find this hand tool extension to be of life-changing assistance.  Moreover, this disability aids picker can readily improve the daily lives of wheelchair users, the elderly, and individuals with disabilities.

Special Features - 

  • 100% Brand New and High quality.
  • Lightweight, portable.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Long Reach
  • Lightweight

In addition, If you are unable to bend over, this is the perfect assisting hand grabber to reach items on the ground.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Just What I Wanted

This is an excellent grabber, well made with strong materials. Very easy to use and I like the magnate on the end, very handy and picks up very easily. I recommend.

philip turner
Sturdy yet very easy to use

Lovely piece of kit , lightweight but sturdy , can pick the smallest of things up , even a flat piece or paper ,
Has a hook for the trigger so you can hang it up , I use the radiator which is next to my seat , it has a hook on the end to manoeuvre things before you pick them up , also a small magnet as well , the jaws are very secure and will pick most things up no problem .


This grabber is lightweight and perfect for small tasks- arm is long, made of aluminum so be aware of this when purchasing - this is not for "heavy duty" jobs but, is PERFECT for around the house "grab and get it" issues like under tables, drawers, bed etc. etc. Love it and ordered another!!

Great grabber! Seems to be working well

Easy to use. Picks up really small items as well as not so small. Easy to fold which is a nice feature so it is easier to store.

JJ Fitzgerald
Very well designed

A sturdy well designed item of very good quality. So useful.