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Grip for Dumbbells - Barbell Hand Grips, Oval Gripz, Barbell Grips, Thick Bar Grips, Adjustable Training Difficulty for Dumbbell, Weight Lifting, Pull ups
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Grip for Dumbbells - Barbell Hand Grips, Oval Gripz, Barbell Grips, Thick Bar Grips, Adjustable Training Difficulty for Dumbbell, Weight Lifting, Pull ups

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About Grip for Dumbbells: 

Grip for Dumbbells, Having muscles boosts your confidence. Nothing is more thrilling than going through a physical change or reaching a new personal best. The confidence you acquire as you get healthier enables you to achieve many other things as well.

Any Training Intensity Adjustable:  

This is a novel idea. With our product's stepless grip diameter modification (an open program), you can take on more challenging training tasks. Compared to that fixed-grip diameter, this is different. Regardless of your level of experience, oval grips will help you quickly develop powerful biceps and forearms.

Grip for Dumbbells

Eccentric Axis Design Patents : 

Eccentric axis design forces your arms to grow faster and stronger by lengthening the force arm and breaking past the training bottleneck. Our barbell grips are used by a lot of elite athletes and bodybuilders.

The function of Grip for Dumbbells: 

Bar grips function by encircling the exercise apparatus (barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars) and enlarging the diameter. Using a bar with a bigger diameter causes the arms' muscles to contract more intensely, thus increasing growth and strength increases.

Premium-grade Materials & Size: 

This forearm exercise equipment is comprised of high-quality rubber-like material. more robust. The majority of dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, curved bars, Gantry, cable machine, exercise machine handles, and other exercise equipment fit the standard size (4.5" long, 1.6-2.99" outer diameter, 1" inner diameter).


Unique and Patented Eccentric Axis Design Forces Your Arms to Grow Faster and Stronger by Changing the Length of the Force Arm During Training. Rotate from 0-180° to achieve a gradient of training intensity.

Fully Versatile Grip for Dumbbells: 

Any standard dumbbell, barbell, pull-up bar, push-up bar, cable attachment, or other bars may be transformed into thick bar training by simply wrapping the Oval Gripz around it. Regular bars with a diameter of 1.6-2.99 inches will become larger thanks to these grips, making your activity more intense and more effective for gaining muscle.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Saved my hand injury

After a nasty barbell incident left my thumb in a brace, my physio recommended these grips to ease strain. The oval shape has eliminated any uncomfortable pressure points whilst my hand heals.

Jayden B.
Added extra intensity

As a personal trainer always testing new ways to fatigue my clients, these grips delivered! We noticed an immediate drop in reps just from the tweaked grip position.

Perfect for calloused hands

After years of barbells, my palms were wrecked. These grips have been a godsend though - the cushioning instantly spared my hands and the tacky surface prevents bar slippage.

Pulled me through plateaus

My pull up numbers were stuck at 8 reps for months no matter what. These oval grips changed everything - the contoured shape engages my forearms perfectly. I'm already up to 3 extra reps per set in just 2 weeks.

Game changing grip strength!

As an avid lifter, grip strength has always been my Achilles heel. These handles instantly levelled up my hold on barbells and pull up bars. Just a few weeks in and my double overhand deadlift finally surpassed my mixed grip max!