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Hair Chalk Comb - 6pcs Bright Hair Color Cream for Girls Kids temporary Chalk

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About Hair Chalk Comb

With the help of hair chalk combs, you may give your hair bright, transient colour streaks. They are especially well-liked by young girls and boys who wish to play around with different hair colours without committing to permanent dye.

Key Features Of Hair Chalk Comb

Temporary Hair Color: 

Hair combs offer a quick and easy way to temporarily add colour to your hair. It's a fun and temporary method to switch up your appearance because the colour usually lasts until you wash your hair.

chalk hair dye

Bright and Vibrant Colors: 

The colors that these chalk combs are intended to give are vivid and dazzling. They frequently come in a range of tints, so you may use them to provide various coloured effects to your hair.

Easy to Use:

Chalk combs for hair are often made to be applied easily. They have a section that stores the colour cream, making them look like a comb or brush. To get the desired effect, just comb the colour through your hair.

Suitable for Girls and Kids:

Because hair combs are short-lived and whimsical, they are frequently marketed towards females and children. They might be an entertaining addition to get-togethers, costume parties, or just to try on various styles.

Gift Set: Hair Chalk Comb

The item you referenced is a package including six chalk combs for hair. This implies that you'll have a wide range of colours to select from and combine to produce original looks. For young girls who enjoy experimenting with their hair, it might be a wonderful gift.

Easy to Remove:

Usually, washing your hair makes it simple to eliminate hair. A few washes may be necessary for the colour to fade, based on the product and kind of hair.

Notable Features -

  • Six-Piece Set

  • Easy Application

  • Temporary Hair Color

  • Washable and Easy Removal

  • Non-Toxic Formulation

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