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Hand Massagers Machines - Electric Hand Massager for Palm Massage Cordless Heat Accupressure Massager

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About Hand Massagers Machines  

The Ultimate Hand Relaxation by Comfier Electric To provide complete relaxation, Hand massager machines are specifically made to employ compression massage and soothing heating to pamper every area of your hand and work on the fingers and knuckles. The massager efficiently relieves carpal tunnel syndrome and finger problems, as well as any knots.

    Pressure Massage:

    With 3 pressure modes and 3 intensity levels, this hand palm massager uses intense pressure to massage all the sides of your hands. The massager's built-in modes make it possible to pressurize the entire hand, from the wrist to the palms and fingers, in a rhythmic manner.

    Hand Massagers Machines
      Wireless and portable, this cordless massager calms the hands and fingers from top to bottom. Only the included USB cord is required to recharge the built-in battery. This wireless hand warmer device is portable and lightweight. Convenient to use at home, work, or when traveling.

         3 Optional Heating Levels:

        The Comfier Hand Warmer Massager has 3 heating settings that you can choose from to help keep your hands warm and moisturized to prevent dryness. The electric hand machine offers warm heat therapy to help relieve aching muscles, numbness, and cold fingers and palms while promoting blood circulation in the hands.

          Use the hand massager to relax and revitalize your hands as a Christmas gift for Mom and Dad. It makes a great present for moms, women, and girls who suffer from pain or poor circulation. The elderly and adults in their middle years can use the finger massager because of its straightforward design. If you're unhappy for any reason, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.
            Do you want to relax your hand muscles and get rid of your numb fingers and joint pain? You can use our hand massager to accommodate your demands. An electric hand massager with an ergonomic design that completely encloses the hand for compression therapy that works
              The plush inside of the cushion guarantees complete comfort. Without having to bother about cords or outlets, you can use a massager with a built-in rechargeable battery wherever you like.
                The warranty period is 18 months. You have three months to request a complete refund if you are not happy with the

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                  Customer Reviews

                  Based on 5 reviews
                  Flexible hands are yours with the Hand Massager

                  I love this product. Every time I use it my hands come out soft, flexible and pain free.
                  This hand massager is a blessing in my life!

                  So far ok

                  It might be too early to review since I have only had it for one day, but I used it a few times. Not too hard to figure out directions. But either the battery life wasn't fully charged or it's got a short life, I used it for about 15 min yesterday and didn't think I needed to charge it again. I put my hand in it today and it went off after about 5 min. So it's charging again. I used one of these before and it massaged the fingers more. This is more of a whole hand as it's completely open inside. No compartment for fingers. I have a ring that I can't get off, and it was a bit uncomfortable on that hand. But that's my problem. Hoping it will alleviate my carpal tunnel.

                  Actually WORK!

                  My mom gifted me this because of my hand pain and small wear and tear of my hands. My hands sometimes hurt. As soon as I opened it up I thought I needed to charge it first, but I was able to push the power button and it cane right on!!! I was so happy. It feels verl nice and its very light weight and easy to use. Highly recommend

                  Works great!

                  It's plenty strong, heat is great, feels good on my creaky, stiff hands. Great value for a reasonable price.

                  Lucy. M
                  Great gift option!

                  I purchased this item for my dad who is a mechanic and bass guitar player. He thanks me multiple times. He said it helps relieve his fingers from tightening up.