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Handheld Bladeless Fan - 360° Desktop Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Cooler Fan

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About Handheld Bladeless Fan 

A 360° handheld bladeless fan is a unique fan that provides a safe and refreshing airflow without using traditional fan blades.

Its distinctive bladeless fan has three fan speed settings: low, medium, and high. Because of its lightweight, small form, and ability to be charged by a computer and a mobile device. The USB charging port is more suitable for usage. It is easy to use, can switch between a mild and forceful breeze, and can absorb wind in all directions.

Key Features Of Handheld Bladeless Fan 

Safe to Use:

It is excellent and simple to use for the protection of kids. The product's design is ideal for this summer because it doesn't have fan blades, so you don't have to worry about cutting your fingers.  

Hanheld Bladeless Fan

Rechargeable Handheld Bladeless Fan:

The product charges via USB and is compatible with power banks, notebooks, and other USB interfaces. Additionally, a USB charging cord is included. 

Cool and Comfortable:

The fan head diameter is only 7 cm, and the 360° air inlet and outflow are mechanically engineered to increase the air volume, even if the product is small in size but the wind is strong. 

Small and Portable:

The handheld bladeless fan is a fantastic choice for shopping, home, or office use because it weighs only 120g, is light and portable, and is easy to carry anywhere. It charges in 4 hours and can be used for 10 hours. 

Easy to Clean:

Simple to clean with a damp towel, the metal nest cover design has no blades and is safe for children. Take out the hassle of disassembling. To clear it of dust, the filter can be removed. 

Features -

  • A special three-speed bladeless fan.

  • It is excellent and simple to use for the protection of kids.

  • It produces a gentle breeze and a 360-degree wind absorption capacity.

  • It features a removable base that can be utilized on a table or carried about and it is rechargeable with the provided USB cord charger.

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