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heating belt for back pain
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Heated Belt for Backpain
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heat belt for lower back pain

Heated Belts Back Pain - Back Heating Belt Heated Waist Belt USB Waist Heating Pad Belly Warmer Band

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About Heated Belts Back Pain

A Heated Belts Back Pain, also known as an electric heated belt or lumbar heated belt. A device designed to provide relief from back pain. It typically consists of a belt-like garment that wraps around the waist and includes built-in heating elements. 

Key Features Of Heated Belts Back Pain

Effectively Discomfort Relief:

Graphene, the substance used to make the heating waist belt wrap, is softer and healthier than the original heating material. A lower back heat pad can relieve back pain, muscular aches, cramps, inactive lumbago, and maintain a warm waist. To treat menstrual or stomach discomfort, it can also be applied to the abdomen.

Ideal for office professionals, women, and the elderly, among others. Works only when a USB port cable is attached to a power source; no battery option.

heat belt for back

Fast Heating And Dual Compression Straps: Heated Belts Back Pain

Only when connected to a 5V/2A power source can the lower back heat belt operate, and using low current is safer. Customized fit and compression are provided by the dual adjustment straps. Which also enable the lower back heated pad to lock in the exact position that you require. Not rechargeable, requires a power source to function

One Button Controls Three Levels of Heating:

Simple to use using only one button to control. To switch between modes, short press the button after two seconds of prolonged use. There are three color-coded LED indicators to indicate temperature: blue (lowest), white (medium), and red (highest). Please pay attention: Not Included: Power Bank doesn't require a battery and only functions when plugged in. The surrounding temperature has an impact on the heating effect.

Portable with Pocket To Put in Power Bank:

The heated back warmer belt is designed with a POCKET that can hold a Medium Thin power bank (not included) to provide power using a USB Power Cord.

This means that you won't be limited to areas with outlets and can warm your body while driving, walking, cooking, and other activities. If you feel that the designed pocket is a little small, you can also place your BIG CAPACITY power bank into your bag.

Adjustable and Widely Application:

You can use the adjustable heated belts back pain on your waist, back, stomach, shoulder, wrist, knee, or foot to enhance blood circulation and relieve various forms of stress and discomfort.

The waistline of the lower back heat wrap is less than 106.7 cm; Measure at the belly button, please. Please notify us if there are any issues with the goods when you receive them, and we will provide you with a satisfactory resolution.

Special Features:

  • The integrated heat therapy pad helps increase blood circulation by heating the abdomen and lower back. Sedentary lumbago and menstruation pains may be eased by it.
  • Three heat settings with a broad temperature range of 104–194°C are simply adjustable with a single button. Temperature is shown by three-color LED indicators: blue (lowest), white (middle), and red (highest).
  • Customized fit and compression are provided by the dual adjustable straps. Additionally, you can wear the heating belt around your waist and lock it in a place where you need the warmth.
  • There is a mesh pocket integrated within the heated waistband pad. If necessary, you can utilize it for cold therapy by inserting an ice pack inside.

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Customer Reviews

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Good temperature

The belt heats up straight away and get to a really nice temperature but the temperature control button is on the back which means you have to keep taking it off to see if it's gone off, there also isn't a pocket to hold the battery pack which is disappointing if you want to walk around wearing it, you either have to carry the pack or put it in a pocket


I have always loved the Thermacare wraps but the price of those were crazy!! I bought this hoping it would work. I had a good power pack and connected it and can honestly not praise this enough. Absolutely amazing. Gets so hot and definitely helps with my back pain. Strap isn’t too large and is a little snug but I would recommend this to anyone. Thank you!!!